Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jyothi Menon

"Are Indian companies, in general, making the best use of human? We are evolving. Earlier, HR was a support function; but now, we are looking at ROI, productivity gains. The practice of HR has evolved from being personnel administration. Today, rather than being anecdotal, we talk numbers, metrics and six sigma aspects."

Jyothi Menon, Senior Vice President and Head of HR Shared Services at Standard Chartered Bank, Chennai(
June 19, 1 pm
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Jyothi on HR metrics

Jyothi Menon on the top HR issues

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Murali said...


An engineer who turned to Human Relations because of her passion for people, Jyothi Menon has been in the field for the past 14 years.

She not only knows every inch of the field but also is an expert and has written 3 books on the Topic. Her first book 'The Power of Human Relations' found an avid reader in the Honorable President of India Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Impressed by a statement in her book on "creating a brand of an organization", the President sent Jyothi a note providing the inspiration for her second book, aptly named "Brand-Wise".

Jyothi along with her husband, Bobby have co-authored "Me, a Winner", which is about discovering that life is not just about education and finding a job. It explores the tremendous possibilities that lie parked just beyond the hope of dreams on the horizon beyond and teaches gently how to reel in those hopes within touching distance.

Jyothi has been the recipient of various awards in HR during her tenure with various organizations. She is also the winner of the Indira Super Achievers Award for Excellence in HR in 2005.

She is currently the Senior Vice President and Head of HR Shared Services at Standard Chartered Bank based out of Chennai.

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