Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Challa Sumedh Reddy

"A major differentiator in our offering is transparency in property deals. For instance, the agents do not normally want to disclose the kind of commission that they would require upon the deal being successful. Refreshingly, therefore, the properties listed on ValuePROPS display the percentage of commission required by the agent. Again, as a measure of openness, we have incorporated the 'commenting' system for every property, using which a user can record his/her comments about the property inspected. Rather than stopping as a dotcom, we will soon be launching brick-and-mortar 'retail stores' in the 'property services' space, in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore."

Challa Sumedh Reddy, CEO, ValuePROPS.com

June 17, over lunch

Challa Sumedh Reddy on ValuePROPS

Challa Sumedh Reddy on Chennai real estate market


Murali said...


Challa Sumedh Reddy belongs to the first generation entrepreneur from an agricultural family hailing from the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. A graduate in science, from Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai Sumedh began his career by trading live stock to METRO AG, Bangalore

Sumedh has been instrumental in the success of the election campaign for his cousin in Andhra Pradesh.

Sumedh, a futurist used his creativity in developing an Accommodation Services Company, catering to the accommodation needs of the migrant I.T professionals, which even today provides accommodation for more than 100 professionals. It has now branched into Challa Properties Pvt. Ltd having a turnover of about 50 Lakhs in just 4 years time.

The enthusiast then moved on to develop online Hotel Booking Site named www.inasra.com along with a friend. This was recognized and they were given an opportunity to showcase this innovative business model at Proto in at IIT, Chennai in July, 2008

Today, Challa Sumedh Reddy is the Founder & CEO of Kult Infotech Private LTD, of which ValuePROPS is a subsidiary. A unique business model that was established in July, 2007 has already integrated over 5000 agents in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

His hobby is traveling and exploring the country. Sumedh is committed to community service with an orphanage in Vandalur, Chennai.

Based out of Chennai, Valueprops.com is a subsidiary of Kult InfoTech Private Limited. It is classified not as a property portal but a property bank.

Valueprops is driven by an able and professional team headed by Mr. Sumedh Reddy who is a very experienced and well versed person with real estate and web world. With a vision to become India’s first property bank and a goal of achieving 50% of the market share by 2010.

The property bank’s greatest strength is it’s transparency which is easily identifiable because of the fact that Valueprops has got a revenue sharing model instead of the regular revenue model, which talks of sharing it’s income like a bank which is why they are a property bank.

The first of it’s kind property bank has big plans of being accessible to every person in every city and every town of India, which they plan to achieve with their multi-lingual interface where the site and all its contents can be viewed in 5 different languages being – Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telegu, English.

Their database is very extensive as they have over 5,000 Agents registered with them in Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. They have given a great deal of importance to Customer Convenience by coming out for the first time in India with the concept of Franchise stores.

Providing certification courses to real estate agents in various cities in India, and offering its services to people from all walks of life like – NRI’s, Agents, Professionals, House wives and retired professionals.

They have in every aspect looked into making a purchase of real estate as quick and as easy as possible. They made it possible by including an SMS service such that as soon as an SMS is sent there is a response within 24 hours.
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Zahir Khan said...

Every fellow wants to open a ecommerce site and wants to become a millionare.Sumedh Reddy is one such fellow who think they are great.