Friday, October 14, 2011

Ambika Kameshwar

"Why is it necessary to think of holistic development through theatre? Because theatre and life are not apart. Every moment we are playing different roles. If we learn to play the roles, with attention to the roles and live them as roles allotted to us at that moment for the given purpose, we can have a great life. That way, we can remain grounded in our own true self, rather than be lost in the outward manifestation. This, despite being involved in our roles, and performing our part with elan, finesse, while reaping at the same time a lot of joy."
Ambika Kameshwar, Founder - Director, RASA
June 10, over lunch
October 14, 2011, 6.30 pm (Music Academy, ICICI event - Ambika Kameshwar dance)

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Murali said...


About me.....dancer, choreographer, singer , music composer....i did my PhD in Natyabhinaya which is the Art of Communication in Indian Theatre.......the identity i am widely known by - the person who structured and applied a unique methodology of Holistic Self Development of using the tools of Theatre as in Dance, Drama, empower people with special needs and continues to do so....i did my Post Doctoral Fellowship on the subject as well.....

I started Rasa-Ramana Sunritya Aalaya in 1989 to reach out to many more and now have a team of people with me .......

About Rasa Special School.....children and People with disabilities come in for a daily input of Theatre for Holistic Development - THD giving them empowerment in all areas to deal with life. Currently, we have three centres in the city and 110 children under our direct care.

Rasa also has an outreach programme wherein THD inputs are given in other special schools of the city for hundreds of special children.

A Teachers' Training Programme is done by us to empower teachers to use this methodology of Holistic Rehabilitation.thereby benefitting many.