Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sundararaj S

"The relevance of social networking sites and virtual world today has gone beyond the stage of experimentation. It has tremendous relevance to business world. People are using it for research, simulation, prototyping, business modelling and education. What is the value addition? This is the ultimate in terms of convergence - of the real and the virtual worlds - resulting in business benefits to organisations and individuals."

Sundararaj S, Partner, Anantara Solutions

May 28, 4.30 pm


Murali said...


Sundararaj Subbarayalu
Partner - Convergence and Technologies
Founding Team Member

At an Indian IT major, from scratch, Sundar built a block of practices of nearly 1500 people with a billing of nearly US$ 60 million in 2007. The practices deal with Content, Portals, User Experience, EAI and Utility Computing including Grid Computing. He succeeded in building this volume of business in the 5 years between 2001 and 2006.

Under Sundar’s leadership, the team developed and managed some of the best known websites and portals of the world. The sites included the website of a prominent American stock exchange and that of a well-known developmental bank.

He also put together an extremely successful alliance strategy building partnerships and implementation competencies with companies such as Vignette, BEA and webMethods.

The team he built was arguably Asia-Pacific’s largest team in its area of expertise when he left to join Anantara.

Prior to this assignment, starting as senior service executive in after sales for a leading Indian FMCG company, he moved on to sales to eventually head the Southern Region operations of India. He gained nearly 15 years experience in the entire gamut of sales and service operations.

Sundar has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a post-graduate diploma in Business Administration. He is located at Chennai, India.
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Murali said...

Move over websites, step into Second Life

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology where the user can experience a place or an environment without actually traveling there. This emerging trend in the virtual world has captured the fascination of not just individuals but also businesses that are setting up their presence in the virtual world.

Anantara Solutions, a Second Generation Outsourcing consultancy launched its Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing practice for Second Life, the rapidly growing 3D online world recently. Second Life presence helps companies identify, interact and collaborate with their global audience. Anantara is currently consulting for a US-based logistics firm and a leading Indian automotive component manufacturer to create a Second Life presence for them and to help them maximize business benefits of such a presence.
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