Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Satz Moses

"Outsourcing isn't limited only to the large companies. We find that increasingly the business comes from smaller companies in the UK to call centres with capacities ranging from 50-200 seats in India. It will be a boon if benefits such as of STPI are extended to smaller call centres as we work with."

Satz Moses, Chief Executive, Helios Outsourcing, Chennai

May 6, 11 am


Murali said...


Satz Moses, a graduate of Visual Communication from one of India’s premier institutions is the Managing Director & CEO of Helios Outsourcing. After heading Supersight bpo, one of the first outbound call centres in Chennai and part of the $250mn Foresight Group as COO & Director, Satz along with five other executive team members founded Helios in January of 2006. Being just 26 years of age, Satz with his creative background and strong interpersonal skills is the driving force of the company and efficiently manages the functioning of the bpo unit on a day to day basis. With many successes in the industry spanning successful business development assignments as well as proven ability to enhance sales performance, Satz would continue in his position under the dynamic leadership of Paul Kopec to take Helios Outsourcing to the next level of accomplishment in the country.
About Helios Outsourcing:

Helios Outsourcing is a privately held corporation created in conjunction with several companies based in the UK, US and Australia to provide offshore outsourcing services to them. Helios, since its inception has created a catalytic change in the industry through its innovative processes, committed workforce and a go getting attitude. Incorporated in January of 2006, Helios's USP has been its exceptional knowledge of the functioning of third party outbound call centre processes in India and has in this regard secured as many as 50 call centres across the country to work on behalf of Helios's international clientele. Helios today not only provides business management services to these centres but also extensive support in all areas of operations including recruitment, training & deployment.

The crux of Helios Outsourcing lies in its experience in handling over 100 third party contact centre processes with a combined management experience of over 36 years. The young and dynamic executives managing Helios is a true testimony of the many successes that the ITES industry has come to offer.

With its unique multi-shore delivery model, Helios has entered into robust partnerships with call centres in India, Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka providing its clients with a range of infrastructure and culture options best suited for individual processes. One of the most successful outbound call centres focussed on the UK telecom & the Australian travel segments, Helios continues to beat industry standard attrition levels month after month with its innovative employee retention policies and initiatives.

callcenterguy said...

Congratulations to Satz and everyone at Helios. Good to see a company we all know and trust in Chennai doing this well.

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