Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sankaran P. Raghunathan

May 27, 1 pm

Sankaran P. Raghunathan, Chairman, Blueshift, Inc (http://www.blueshift.com/)
Dean, The National Management School, Chennai (www.nms.edu.in)
August 28, 2009, 1.30 pm

March 29, 2011, 12 noon (Taj Viv)


Murali said...



Ph.D., International Business, Temple University, 1992.

PGDPM, Personnel Management & Systems, XLRI, Center for Management Studies, 1984.

Bachelor of Law, International Law, Madras University, 1982.

Bachelor of Commerce, Advanced Accounting, Madras University, 1979


Fellow, Junior Faculty Consortium of the Academy of Management, 1992 & 1993.

Fellow, Doctoral Consortium of the Academy of Management, 1989.

Fellowship in the MBA program, 1982-84


Visiting Professor of International Management, Universitas21, 2003-present.

Adjunct Professor of International Business, Emory University, 2000.

Assistant Professor of International Business, Graduate School of Management, Rutgers University, Fall 1991 - 1999.

MBA courses
: Business Environment, International Business Policy,
and International Marketing.

Doctoral Course : Global Strategic Management.

Instructor, Temple University, 1988 - 1991.
Taught courses at the senior undergraduate level:
Multinational Enterprise Management, Business Policy,
Organizational Analysis, Administrative Systems, and
Organizational Planning & Control.


An Internet incubator with three ecommerce ventures - 1999 - 2001.

Blueshift, Inc. - an information systems services company with 50 employees with operations in the US and India - 1993 - present.

Blueshift Geodesics, Inc. - a public access internet kiosk company - 1997-98.

Digital Information Science Center - an information systems consultancy firm in India - 1985-1986.

A commercial forestry venture in India - 1983.

A dog breeding venture in India - 1978.

A fire-cracker retailing and distribution business in India - 1974-1980.


Chairman, Blueshift, Inc. 1993 - Present.
A 10 year old information systems services company with 50 employees.

Chief Executive & Management Consultant, Digital Information Science Center, 1986.
Successfully completed an assignment on "End-user Computing Policy" for the Indian subsidiary of British Leyland.
Developed, managed and implemented a company-wide information system project.

Marketing Executive, C M C Ltd., A computer consultancy firm. 1984-85.
As the Regional Marketing Coordinator for Power Systems, I was actively involved in the market penetration efforts competing against two major MNCs.
Conducted seminars for senior and middle management executives on information systems planning & development and personal computer software.

Systems Executive, National Institute of Information Technology. 1984.
Consulted with companies on information systems development and handled training programs on Systems Analysis and Design.

Clerk, Bank of India, 1978-1982.
Worked in branch back office, commerical lending, auditing, & central account
reconciliation departments.


Consultant to the United Nations, Center for Transnational Corporations.

Executed an assignment on country risk assessment for a multinational corporation.

Worked on a Career Development and Needs Assessment project for a Pennsylvania State Agency.


Rutgers University Research Resources Grant for 1994.

Rutgers University Teaching Excellence Center Grant for 1993 and 1994.

Temple University Grant-In-Aid of Research Award for 1991.


Acting Director, Center for International Business Education and Research, 1995-96.

Member, GSM, Rutgers University:
Research Resources Committee, Computer Policy Committee,
Faculty Bylaws Committee.

Department Faculty Recruitment, GSM, Rutgers University, 1992, 1994, 1995.

Faculty Advisor & Founder, Temple Univ. Society of International Business, 1990.

President, Doctoral Students Association, School of Business & Management,
Temple University, 1988-89
I was actively involved in the effort to improve the program and was instrumental in installing an International Business network on the Bitnet.


Director of Electronic Communications, International Management Division, Academy of Management, 1997-1999.

Reviewer for Publications:
Journal of Management, Academy of Management Journal,
Journal of International Business Studies, Transactions on Engineering Management.

Reviewer for Conferences:
The Academy of Management
Business Policy and Strategy Division - 1992, 1993, 1994.
International Management Division - 1992, 1993, 1996
The Academy of International Business, 1990-1993.
The Eastern Academy of Management Conference, 1991-present.

Reviewer for National Science Foundation research proposals, 1995.

Discussant, Eastern Academy of Management Conference, Hartford, 1991.

Discussant, Academy of International Business North Eastern Conference, Scranton, 1994.

Session Chair, Academy of International Business National Conference, 1994.

Session Chair, Eastern Academy of Management Conference, Singapore, 1995.

Session Chair, Academy of Management National Conference, 1996.


Pro-bono Consultant, Palate Pleasure, a restaurant in Newark inner city.

Member, Hillsborough Post Office Customer Advisory Council.

Member, Hillsborough Board of Health Task Force.


Academy of International Business, Academy of Management


Refereed Publications
S.P. Raghunathan, "A Refinement of the Entropy Measure of Firm Diversification: Toward Definitional and Computational Accuracy", Journal of Management, Oct. 95.

G.H. Subramanian, J.T. Nosek, S.P. Raghunathan, and S.S. Kanitkar, "A Comparison of Decision Table and Tree," Communications of the ACM, 1992.

Newspaper Articles/Industry Journals
The US Economy: Cultural basis for Economic Prosperity, The Indo-US Business: Oppportunities, Challenges & the Future, July 2002.

Rules of Spending, The Hindu Business Line, Jan. 2002.

India: A Win-Win Destination, The Indo-US Trade News, 2001.

The Cell Phone-A Symbol of Freedom!! The Hindu Business Line, Sept. 2001.

Look Colorful in a White Shirt, The Hindu Business Line, July 2000.

Income Growth through Investment Promotion, The Hindu, Feb.19,1997.

Sustaining Foreign Investment, The Hindu, May 28, 1995. (With Farok Contractor)

Let us all become American! The Hindu Business Line, July 29, 1994.

Foreign Investments in India: A Win-Win Game, The Hindu Business Line, Jan.29,1994.

Foreign Investment in the Airline Industry: Live and Let Live, Airline Quarterly, Winter 1994.

Making the Friendly Skies Friendlier, The New York Times, Jan. 2, 1994.


Global Ownership of Global Firms: Is It Too Much to Ask?, a panel discussion at the Annual Conference of the Academy of International Business, Banff, 1996.

AIB on the Infobahn, a panel discussion at the Annual Conference of the Academy of International Business, Seoul, 1995.

Dimensions of Boundaries and Management of Boundarylessness in Multinational
Corporations, an All-Academy Show-Case symposium at the Conference of the
Academy of Management, Atlanta, 1993.

Refereed Conference Presentations:

The Coming of the Borderless Organization: Myth and Reality, Paper presented at the conference of the Academy of International Business, Hawaii, 1993.

How Boundaryless Can a Multinational Corporation be?: The Case of the Spatial Boundary, Paper presented as part of an All-Academy Show-Case Symposium at the Conference of the Academy of Management, Atlanta, 1993.

Typology of International Strategy: An Empirical validation of the Porter's Framework, Paper presented at the conf. of the Academy of Intl. Business,N.E.Chapter,Scranton, 93.

A Note on the Interchangeability of Measures of Multinationality, Paper presented at the Conf. of the Academy of International Business, Brussels, 92. (Co-author:P.P. Subramanian).

An Empirical Validation of the Typology of International Environment, Paper presented at the Conf. of the Academy of International Business, N.E.Chapter, Baltimore, 1992.

MNC Strategy and Intra-MNC Coupling: Implications for the International Management of Information Systems, Paper presented at the Conference of the Academy of International Business, Toronto, 1990. (Co-author: G.H. Subramanian).

Globality: Dimensions, Quantification and Measurement, Paper presented at the Conf. of the Academy of International Business, Toronto, 90. (Co-author:R. Chandran).

Cross-ownership among MNC Parent and Subsidiaries: A Model of Multinational Ownership of MNCs, Paper presented at the National Conference of the Academy of Management, San Francisco, 1990. (Co-author: R. Chandran).

Intra-MNC Ownership Structures:A Coupling Perspective, Paper presented at the Conf. of the Academy of International Business, Singapore, 89. (Co-author:R.I. Beekun).

Information Systems Technology and Organization Design of MNCs, Paper presented at the National Conference of the Association of Human Resources Management & Organizational Behavior, Philadelphia, 1987.

Invited Seminar Presentations:

Euro-production, Euro-trade, and, Euro-knowledge: Implications for foreign investment policy, presentation at the national conference on Technology, Trade, and Industry: Implications for the Future of Indian Economy, Bangalore, 1996.

Toward a theory of the design of multinational corporations: A fit among the environment, strategy, and ownership structure, Invited presentation at the International Organizational Studies Conference, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1994.

The Path to Success in International Diversification, Invited presentation in the seminar series of Organization and Management Department, GSM, Rutgers University, 1992.

Going International: A Mind-set, Invited presentation at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, 1991.

Succeed in the Global Economy: Leapfrogging to Grow, CEO Forum, BusinessWeek Executive Seminar, Southeast Asia, Feb. 2003.

The Business School Marketplace in India: Coming of Age, Moderator of the conference, Bombay, April 2002.

Knowledge Management: Strategies and Processes, Moderator of the Seminar organized by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Chennai, Feb. 2002.

Internet Strategies for Asian businesses, BusinessWeek Executive Seminar on eBiz, India, 2000; Southeast Asia, 2001.

Endru Thaniyum Indha America Mogham (when will the lust for America be quenched?), The Rotary Club, Chennai, 2001.

Cultural Rejuvenation: A path to excellence, National HRD Meet, SIBM, Mumbai, Aug. 200.

EBiz: Hope and Pride in the Indian Context, TIE Conference, Aug. 2001.

Ecommerce Strategies for Indian businesses, Management Development Program, XLRI, India, 2000.

Globalization and Human Resources Management, XLRI, Dec. 1999.

Incubation for wealth creation, TFCI Conference on Venture Capital, Mumbai India, 1999.

A 3-S Approach to Competitive Advantage, The Rotary Club of Esplanade, 1996.

Foreign Investment Policy: An Opportunity for Redefinition, The Center for Policy Research, Delhi, India, 1996.

Foreign Investment Policy and Firm level Strategy, The Institute for Financial Management and Research, Madras, 1995.

Going International: Implications for Indian Firms, Institute for Technology and Management, Madras , 1995.

International Competitiveness of Indian Firms, The Rotary Club of Madras,1995 and The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, 1995.

Foreign Investment Policy of India, The University of Madras, 1994.


The Impact of Bilateral Investment Treaties on Foreign Direct Investment, Submitted to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 1997. (Co-author: Farok J. Contractor).

Advisor to the Editor of the website www.indianeconomy.com, a website on the Indian economy. 1996.

Case Studies on the Changing Climate for Foreign Direct Investment in India. Submitted to the Economists Advisory Group, London, to be included in a report to the Research & Analysis Department of the Japan Institute for Overseas Investment. 1995 (Co-author: Farok J. Contractor).

The Changing Forms of Transnational Corporations, Submitted to the United Nations as input to the World Investment Report, 1993.

Doctoral Dissertation Committee:

Member. Madan Annavarjula, An analysis of factors influencing the relationship between degree of multinationality and performance of multinational corporations, Temple University, 1997.
Working Papers:

A Clarificatory Note on Profile Analysis and Euclidean Distance.

International Environment and Strategy Fit in Multinational Corporations.

Multinationality of Firms: A Profile for Success.

Ownership strategies of MNCs: The problem is the solution.


Featured in Kalai Malar, a nationally televised morning program by JayaTV on "globalization, foreign investor outlook, etc.", November 2002, India.

Interview with Bloomberg News on "strategies for companies in the New New economy", July 2001, Malaysia.

Interviewed by BBC on "the impact of the US economic slowdown on Indian software companies", April 2001, Chennai.

Interview with The Home News Tribune on "clustering of information technology services firms in New Jersey", 1998.

Interview with The Home News Tribune on "how entrepreneurial firms handle growth and induct top management talent", 1998.

Interview with CNN, December 1997. On public access Internet kiosks.

Interview with Namaste America, a nationally televised weekly program, March 8, 1997: On the Indian Budget and prospects for growth.

One man's task of promoting India, Express Computer, January 6, 1997. A profile on my work.

Interview with Khaleej Times, a regional newspaper in the Middle East, June 25, 1993: On international business, trade, and information technology.


Attended a 14 week seminar on teaching effectiveness conducted by the Teaching Excellence Center, Rutgers University, Spring 1993.

Participated in the Faculty College, a teaching effectiveness seminar, conducted by the New Jersey Institute for Teaching and Learning, Spring 1993.

Source: www.sankaran.com

Umasree said...

One person who inspired me so much in the first meeting. He was the judge for the EWIT contest I participated and was amazed to see a living library in front of me assessing me. When I won the execellence award and was appreciated by him, it was the finest moments that I would ever cherish, given a chance would like to be associated with him and learn a lot from this great enterprenuer.

Umasree Raghunath