Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vimal Raj Chordia

"Within a month we will be launching our own brand of processed milk. Further on, we plan to move to specialty dairy products such as cheese, butter, ghee, yoghurt, skimmed milk powder, whey protein like casein, and so on. From 2002 when we began with trading in food items, to now, when we are into restaurants (Vgan), food service, imports (Say Cheez) and retail, it has been an exciting journey."

Vimal Raj Chordia, CEO, Adinath Foods, Chennai, 10.30 am

May 10, 10.30 am

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Murali said...


SAY CHEEZ™ is a company strengthened by over half a decade of expertise and experience in food industry ,proudly renowned for quality products, customised service and impeccable delivery time. Over the years, we have been pretty successful in promoting the sustained sales of more than 250 product variants to over 350 clients across India including Star Hotels ,Restaurants , Embassies , Retail Stores , International Schools , Catering companies and suchlike.

SAY CHEEZ ™ , a brand owned by Adinath Foods is a trusted bulk importer of various dairy products like Cheese, Butter, Yoghurt etc from different countries in Europe which include France, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium , UK etc. Started under the chairmanship of Mr. S. Ranjithmal Choradia , Adinath Foods Is represented by its ceo Mr. Vimal Raj Chordia and cfo Mr. Hemanth Chordia at the helm way back in 2002.

Adinath Foods is an extension of Adinath Group of companies leading in the field of Real Estate , Finance , Granite Mining etc. Our Chairman’s thought process and futuristic approach in the field of Food Service gave birth to Adinath Foods and from thereon our company has never looked back interms of growth rate till date.

We presently have our Corporate Office in Chennai, and will be setting up a branch office in Bangalore soon.

We are a force to reckon with today, thanks to our core competence, focus, dedication and relentless endeavour to improve our service. Naturally, we strive to raise the bar across the service spectrum of providing key FMCG items for your business.

Adding feather to our cap , Adinath Foods will soon start manufacturing of Specialty Dairy products under its flagship brand SAYCHEEZ™ and flourish as a global entity over the years to come.

On the business front, we are growing from strength to strength. We owe our success across all hemispheres to our dedicated team and business associates.