Thursday, May 1, 2008

R. Suresh Kumar

"We are heading towards a scenario where individual users may not need a hard-disk or even processing power. What the next billion PC users may just need will be small gizmo, of a size that fits into the palm, to do all the work, at 30 per cent of the current PC cost."

R. Suresh Kumar, Director-Sales, NComputing (

May 1, over lunch


Murali said...


There are just under a billion computer users in the world today. The market hasn’t grown much in the past 10 years. So, most sales are to replace old systems—not to new users who never had access before. But there are another billion potential users in developing regions who can’t afford a PC even at $400, a price which also has not changed in 10 years. With NComputing technology at or under $70 per seat, that market begins to open and with enough margin to create and sustain local partners who need to sell, train, install and maintain these systems.

Brief explaination about the technology

NComputing solution is based on a simple fact – most desktop PCs are very powerful, and a typical user only uses a fraction of the processing power. So their technology enables many users to tap the power of the PC at the same time. Each user has their own monitor, keyboard and mouse. Each user has their own applications and files. Its just that they spread that excess computing power over many users so that the PC is better utilized. Depending on the user needs and the PC, anywhere from 7-30 users can be connected to a PC.

India Plans

India is clearly a huge market for NComputing. There are a million public schools in India, and the vast majority of them can not afford to provide their students with a computing lab. Our solution allows a school to set up a 40 seat computer lab for less than the cost of 10 traditional PCs. Our plan in India is to work with the central and state government bodies, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and school systems to deploy our solution throughout India. We are currently building out our distribution channel and hiring sales, marketing and technical staff.

Bridging the digital divide

NComputing intent to do it. Look at what we have already done in Macedonia. Macedonia is a relatively poor country by Western standards. Last year, the government and its citizens decided that in order to improve their standard of living, they had to join the digital economy. This meant that every student coming out of the school system had to be computer literate. But Macedonia couldn’t afford to give every child a laptop – it would have cost over $80 million dollars! So they turned to NComputing. By connecting 160,000 NComputing devices to 20,000 PCs, Macedonia is able to provide 180,000 computer seats – enough for every single school child in Macedonia to have a computer on their desk. This is a great example of bridging the digital divide without breaking the bank.

If there is any country in the World that understands the power of education and computers – it has to be India. Its just that most schools and state governments can’t afford to make wide-scale computing an affordable reality. With our expansion in India, we are now working with several state governments in India to deploy NComputing solutions.
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Murali said...

About Suresh...

An Electronics Engineering graduate from NIT, Allahabad

20 plus years in the IT Industry in India and across the Globe

Delivered White papers at several International Universities

Worked with Tata , TVSE, Wipro ….

Currently Director-Sales, NComputing, India ( A Valley start up based out of Redwood city, California)