Tuesday, May 20, 2008

R. Seetharaman

May 23, 12 noon (?)

R. Seetharaman, CEO, Doha Bank

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Murali said...


Doha Bank, described recently by Forbes Asia as a “banking powerhouse in the Middle East”, is Qatar’s largest private commercial bank. With assets of $8.1 billion and a market cap of $7 billion, Seetharaman has increased market share from 4% to 24% and led the company to record profitability in five short years while working within the constraints of Sharia Law. Shareholders’ equity has grown over 4.4 times in this period while assets have jumped four times and net profits 7.7 times. Doha Bank is now the Middle East’s fastest growing bank and is expanding globally - with offices already open in New York, China, Dubai, Singapore, Japan, Turkey, and Romania, and a number of other branches on the way including in Germany, and Yemen.
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