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Perumal Samy Srinivasan

"Search is my middle name. Search takes me through a journey. Journey is not from one point to another; it's from a zero into the space. In the content-driven industry that I am in, all creativity starts from a spark, that is, from 'zero' or nothingness or nowhere. Content is what remains eternal even after the entire superstructure is built around the idea and brought to fruition as a final product; the content remains eternal even after the final product disappears from the scenario."
Perumal Samy Srinivasan, Managing Director, Pi Phenomenon Pictures, US (
May 22, over lunch


Murali said...


Srinivasan founded Om Cinemas with a vision to work on unique projects. His goal for Om Cienmas is to implement modern techniques and corporate culture to the movie industry in India. At the outset he started building an infrastructure based on his several years of hands on experience in the.

industry. He started offering the services to other movie makers and partnered with them and produced a number of movies. Along the way he has improvised and is constantly improvising the infrastructure and has started to propagate Om Cinemas into new and challenging projects. Through Om Cinemas Srinivasan has Co-Produced a Hollywood Film “First Fear” with Creative Image Productions, U.K and Paul Nicholas from LA. The movie was entirely shot in India and it completely produced on Om Cinemas’s state-of-the art infrastructure. Along with his other efforts Srinivasan is producing a documentary on Hindu temples submerged underwater. Prior to Om Cinemas Srinivasan worked on many adventurous endeavors. To mention a few, he served as a managing member at the Indian division of Frame Flow an Atlanta, USA based Film visual effects and Animation Company. This served as a strategic offering on a variety of Frame Flow’s projects. Frame Flow has now been acquired by Sony Image works. Prior to this he served as an executive producer at Media Dreams, a Film production division of Penta Media, one of the largest Film visual effects and Animation company in Asia. He was responsible for Budgeting, scheduling and execute a few of their projects. This included India’s first Digital film (DV Format) “Knock Knock I am looking to Marry” and a Tamil feature film “Whistle”. He lead the effort in various innovative techniques like the conversion of D.V format to film which involved tremendous research, strategic planning and impeccable execution. S has a degree in Engineering and Computer Science. He has a Diploma in Film Technology from The Film Institute of India, Chennai. S’s rich experience and strong personal convictions on innovation and various subjects will serve as a firm path to success for Om Cinemas.

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Pi Phenomenon pictures, a New Jersey based film production company, was founded by Arun Vaidyanathan, Ramzan Lakhani and Srinivasan Perumal in 2005. The company "Pi Phenomenon Pictures" implements the meaning of its name-Connecting the Dots-by creating films in various languages which incorporate diverse cultures and the interactions between them. Through linking primarily Western and South Asian societies, the films address a range of subjects and themes which cater to audiences from both hemispheres. The purpose is to highlight the different, rich cultures, but also to emphasize a common humanity and experience between people. During productions, the company consciously entwines Hollywood's methods of filmmaking with creative Eastern storytelling to ensure an efficient process and to deliver an exciting product. Although the main concentration of "Pi Phenomenon Pictures" is to develop and execute film projects, the company aspires to venture into distribution and other entertainment avenues.

Murali said...

Detailed bio...

Profile of Perumalsamy Srinivasan


Core Competence

Entered the Film Industry in 1993 from Computer Engineering and Student Journalist background with a vision of Corporatising the Film production business. With about 15 years of experience in various crafts of Film making and Media, my expertise in this business includes Writing, scheduling, budgeting and filming. I work best in a creative environment, where my ability to communicate with and coordinate projects between highly diverse participants (business, technical, and creative) is considered an asset.

Film / Media Production (Budgeting, Scheduling and Filming) / Distribution

Producer for an On going Production of a Tamil Feature Film “Achchamundu Achchamundu” to be shot in US with Indian actors and Hollywood cast and crew.
Associate Producer for a 2 M US$ Hollywood Film filmed in India titled “First Fear” (June 2006 to May 2007)
Hands on 8 years experience as an Executive/Line Producer - Produced and achieved revenues through Distribution of three films in Tamil, English and Hindi. The English film being India’s First Digital feature film shot on Digital Video Format.
Proficiency in devising modern planning techniques in Film Production/ distribution activities for minimizing cost and to accelerate the revenue growth. Proven abilities in driving growth through leadership in the highly competitive Film markets with Digital Techniques (Production/Post Production)

Writing / Film Making

Currently involved in Writing, Directing and Co-Producing a Documentary on the “Cities and Temples submerged under water” in association with one of the biggest Production Companies in India.
Co-Directed the Indian sequences of a Documentary on “Transgenders” along with Mr. Suresh Menon, produced by Right Angle Media, Singapore.
Written and directed various short films including India’s first animatronics film and few Documentaries for India’s National TV Channel (Doordarshan)

Business Development / Strategizing .

Worked as Vice-President Operations and set up a film Visual effects Company based at Atlanta and office in Chennai (South India) “Frame Flow”, currently taken over by Sony Image Works.
An effective communicator with team leadership skills, strong analytical problem solving & organizational abilities. Possess a flexible & detail oriented attitude.
Currently in the process of making all efforts for introducing the World’s first Digital Film Camera to Asian Countries.
Progressing towards setting up a market network for World wide distribution of Indian regional feature films/short films/children films and documentaries.

Technical and software Skills

To be Trained on Origin - World’s first ever Digital Film Camera (Waterloo, Canada).
To be trained in U.S (NY) 3D composite technology (Television, theatre screens, display screen and content creation for 3D technology)
Equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge of Digital Film Production.
Trained in Avid NLE edit system.
Movie Magic Screen Writer – Screenplay, Budgeting and Scheduling.
Windows OS, MSWord, Excel, Power point.


Executed a 2 M US $ Hollywood film in India on a B.P.O (F.P.O) Model.
Executed and distributed a Tamil film “Whistle” from scratch to final.
Produced India’s first DV Film, the research for this film started in 1997Oct.
Been selected as the only Indian to be trained on World’s first ever Digital Movie Camera in Waterloo, Canada.
Written and Directed India’s first Animatronics short film.(1996)
In the process of designing an Exclusive Insurance package for Film Production business in association with the Subject Matter Experts from the Insurance field.


Submitted a research paper, when in Film Institute, which was given the “Best and Outstanding Conceptualization” honor by Madras University in 1995. The paper was written in 2 parts “Science and Cinema”, “Aesthetics and Logistics” and published in University Magazines.

Articles and Interviews

Have been the Subject of an appreciation article that appeared in a leading Tamil Magazine “Kumudham” titled “Ilam Sadhanaiyalargal” (Young Acheivers) for the above mentioned research Papers presented in the University (in 1994)
Have been the Subject of an appreciation article that appeared in a leading Tamil Magazine “Pudiya Parvai” titled “Velli Mulaikaiyele” (Rise of the Dawn) for my short film telecast in Doordarshan in (1994)
Sequence of articles in various leading magazines about the short films and social films I had made during (1994 to 2003)
Was interviewed by a leading Regional Television Channel “Sun TV” about budding film making talents in Indian Film industry (in 1999)
Sequence of articles in various leading magazines about the Digital film and projections on Future technological advancements.
A major article about the Documentary “UnderWorld” in a very popular and leading Tamil magazine “Kungumam” circulated throughout the World (2006 Jan)
Various articles in U.S Magazines and domestic mags about the current project.
My interview on India

Career Path
Jan 2007 on wards
Job Profile/Company Profile: Managing Partner, Project East West A LLC of a Tamil Feature Film “Achachamundu Achachamundu”

Film Under Production

Om going Pre Production work in Chennai, India and NJ.

Film to be shot in NJ with Indian and Hollywood actors and technicians by end of 2007

Jan 2006 to Feb 2007

Job Profile/ Company Profile :Om Cinema Pvt Ltd

Associate Producer of a Hollywood Film “First Fear”.

This film is Produced by Creative Image Productions, U.K. The Indian Production being handled by my Company Om Cinema Pvt Ltd. The Film Written, Directed and Co-Produced by Paul Nicholas from LA. It’s a 2 Million dollar project (Production budget only) completely shot in India. The cast included Sean Patrick Flannery, Shannon Elizabeth, Jolene Blalock, Jackie Shroff and others.

Achievement/ Projects: Responsible for providing crew members, sets, locations, stay, travel and equipments in India.

April 2005 – Till date in a most prestigious Documentary project.
Job Profile/Company Profile : Om Cinema Pvt Ltd

Writer / Director “Under World” – A Documentary on films and Temples submerged under water. The project is produced by my company Om Cinema Pvt Ltd in association with an Indian Film Production Giant.

Achievement/Projects : Responsible for research for more than 36 to 48 months started 2005) Am writing the script and Directing the project which is India’s first ever Underwater Documentary made in this scale with this magnitude of underwater filming.

Feb 2004 – March 2005
Job Profile/Company Profile : Frame Flow India Pvt Ltd
Vice President - Operations

Frame Flow India Pvt Ltd is a Film visual effects and Animation Company with head office in Atlanta, US and offices in Chennai and Singapore. Currently F.F is acquired by Sony Image works (U.S)

Achievement/ Projects: Responsible for setting up a core team of 12 members and train them for Visual effects and animation. The other team members of about 48 people were later brought in to execute Domestic and International projects. This company is recently taken over by Sony Image Works as their Indian division.

March 2002 – Dec 2003
Job Profile/Company Profile : Penta Media Ltd.

Executive Producer of Media Dreams which is a Film production division of Penta Media. Penta Media is Asia’s biggest and a Multi Million dollar Film visual effects and Animation company which had produced eight Live action and seven Animation feature films.

Achievement/ Projects :

Responsible for Budgeting, scheduling and execute three feature films in the company including India’s first Digital film (DV Format) “Knock Knock I am looking to Marry” and a Tamil feature film “Whistle”.

The highlights of the D.V film are:

Shot on a DV CAM and converted to film.
Shot in 23 days (single schedule)
Shot in a limited Budget of 39 lacs (100,000US$) with Film conversion.
1st time technology break thru in Film conversion coz of research strengths and planning.

April 1999 – Jan 2002 Telephoto Entertainment Ltd..
Job Profile/ Company Profile :
Head of Production and Post- Production – Telephoto is a media company producing feature films, Ad commercials, Corporate films, Documentaries and Media soaps for Television channels in various languages.

Achievement/ Projects:

Responsible for creating projects from scripting to product delivery.

Co- Directed a documentary film on Transgenders along with Mr.Suresh Menon and produced by Right Angle media Singapore.
Directed a Live quiz game show ‘Go For It” for the regional language channels.
Written and Directed a Reportage / Talk show ”Sindhanaigal” for Doordarshan with National award winner Actress Revathi anchoring the show.
Responsible for supervising more than 500 episodes of various programs from scripting to telecast in regional channels including a complete series of 200 episodes of miniature characters and live action characters “Boom Boom ShakaLaka” for Sun TV.
Directed a Short Film for Pollution Control Board of Tamilnadu. Titled “Even The Birds Are Coughing” using Animatronics and Ventriloquism techniques. This was the first film that used this concept in India and produced by Telephoto.

March 1997 – December 1998 – Raj kamal Films International
Job Profile/Company Profile :
Assistant Director - Feature Films

Projects: Work responsibility was to be an assistant Director to Mr. Kamal Hassan, India’s most renowned Actor and Director. Worked in two projects

Marudanayagam – 3rd AD
Hey ram – 2nd AD and casting coordinator

March 1995 – March 1997 - Freelancing Film maker.
Job Profile/Company Profile :

Writer / Director/Production Coordinator.

Achievement/ Projects: As a budding film maker and just out of Film school was freelancing in Writing and Directing various short films and Documentaries. Was associated with leading Film makers in various projects. To mention a few

Directed a Documentary Film for Aids Awareness Board of Chennai Corporation, Tamilnadu Titled “YAVARUM KELEER”
Co-Directed AD films including Pepsi Commercials and a sequence of Silk showroom ad commercials in South India.
Worked as a Line Producer for a few Tamil Music Videos with various Companies like Magna Sound and with Cosmic Audio in English Music Albums produced by “Reap On Films- UK”
Written the concept and edited for a couple of audiovisual films for Britannia.
Written and Directed a small film “As U name it” with a small girl who does not have both her hands and paints with her foot.
Worked in 2 International Documentary films and a Corporate Film as an assistant Director
: Film on Andaman and Nicobar Islands

: Film on Child labor.

: Film on T I Cycles of India.


B.S Applied Sciences (Computer Technology) from CIT, Coimbatore in 1992
MA (Public Administration) from Annamalai University in 2001 (Correspondence Degree)
Master of Philosophy in Films from Annamali University (Ongoing) Research guided by great experts from the Education field.

Other Qualification(s)/ Certification(s)/ Programme(s) Attended

Diploma in Film Technology (Film Institute of India) Chennai in 1995
Film Production Research Seminars , Madras University,1994
Technological advancements in Film Industry, Seminar, Films Division, Mumbai , 1994

Personal Information

Interests Global Social Issues, Film making, Reading, Writing and Traveling
Involved in writing a book “The Dots” (English-Title might be changed in the book completion stage), which is an outcome of three years of research. This book in its basic form tries to compare the images that were stored on grains of film negative, which belong to yesteryears, and on pixels of computers of forthcoming generations.

Languages known English, Tamil and Telugu.

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