Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Paul Kopec

"Where do we see growth coming in from? In associate call centres of 50-200 seat size, across the countries, from Kashmir to Tirunelveli. VoiceStream will be investing close to $3 million during 2008-2010. Over a period, we expect a revenue stream of about $85 million for about 100 call centres that we will be associated with in India."
Paul Kopec, Chairman, VoiceStream Group, Scotland
May 6, 11 am


Murali said...


Voice Stream (based in Scotland) has acquired 75% stake in Chennai based Helios Outsourcing.

Murali said...

About Voice Stream group:

The Voice Stream group of companies was founded in 1985 in Scotland and celebrates twenty three years of international business. Having an international presence in seven countries, the group is responsible for over one thousand employees worldwide. With a turnover of around $25mn, the Voice Stream group is extensively focussed on the Telecom sector having the distinction of being the pioneers in mobile phone retailing in Scotland.

Created at the beginning of new age telecoms, the group has over 60,000 satisfied clients and is run by Managing Director Paul Kopec and Alison Kopec who have a combined experience of over 30 years in the industry.

The group's quest to be a global market player continues to gather momentum year by year and the step towards the acquisition of stake in Helios is a significant move for the group to enter into the lucrative Indian BPO sector.

About the merger:

Helios's expertise in call centre management proved to be of great value to Scotland based Voice Stream group who were looking for a single partner to outsource and manage their voice based outbound tele-marketing requirements in and around the country. Helios's exceptional quality, proven performance and high commitment was easily identified by the group as their ideal partner in India.

In a day where mergers & acquisitions are usually limited to large corporate and billion dollar deals, Chennai based Helios Outsourcing has proved that size doesn't really matter when it comes to providing exceptional service and guaranteed results. The Voice Stream group has now acquired a majority stake in Helios adding three of its directors onto the board of the company.

Helios Outsourcing would now provide end to end call centre management service for the Voice Stream group and its elite clientele through its own in-house operations as well as through its network of ever growing associate call centres around the world. Through the merger, the Voice Stream group is eyeing an investment of $3mn in developing Helios Outsourcing into of India's best niche oriented call centre management firms.

Murali said...

About Paul Kopec:

Paul Kopec, now Chairman of Helios Outsourcing is a management graduate from one of Britain’s renowned institutions and has a wealth of experience in international business having achieved many successes in the development of business in various countries around the world. With well over a decade of experience in the telecom service industry, Paul started employment with the VoiceStream group in the mid 90’s and following a management buyout took over as the group’s chairman and Managing Director in 2001.

Since then Paul has been instrumental in the establishment and development of various group companies including VConnect – a US telecoms retailer, TigerCom (www.tiger-com.co.uk) – A UK based mobile communications and data service company focussing on the SME and corporate market and Telecom 3 (www.t3direct.co.uk) – a consumer telecoms dealership working directly for the country’s largest and fastest growing telecommunication network including the very popular Hutchison Whampoa owned ‘3 network’. Paul brings to Helios exceptional expertise and invaluable management principles that would establish Helios as a complete turnkey call centre management firm renowned for its quality of service, delivery and most importantly client delight.

Sandhya sandhya@brand-comm.com

Anonymous said...

The real story of Voicestream Ltd T/A T3 Direct visit http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=832465

jeannieblue said...

And this wonderful success - is it at my expense? Or others like me? People that have been scammed by T3 Direct? 3 or 3G? Who don't actually speak to you themselves, don't acknowledge your letters? Send mobile phones to people when they don't want them? Not to mention that the phones are refurbished is this 'great' deal you are getting.
Do you know the stress you have caused me?
Checkout moneysavingexpert.com - consumer vent forum - look for a heading that contains T3 Direct. See the anguish and pain you are causing people.
I cannot tell you how ill I have felt over the past months due to these dreadful people. And then I read about how 'successful' they are and how much money they have earnt, how much the company has or invested. It is despicable. At a cost to whom??????

callcenterman said...

Congratulations to VoiceStream and Helios. Good to see a company we all know and trust in Chennai doing this well.

moneysavingexpert said...

This is to officially place on record that complaints about T3 Direct on the website moneysavingexpert have been removed after it was found to be unjustified and without any shred of evidence. User jeanieblue's comments have been retracted by her on the site as well. Apologies to all concerne for any inconvenience caused.