Thursday, May 8, 2008

N. Murughasan and M. Rajesh

"What is the reason for the current rise in food prices? We can attribute the problem to climatic conditions, especially after the 2004 tsunami that hit India and nearby countries. We have been seeing a decline in the production of almost all agri products. Now, is Bush right in blaming the prosperity of India for food price hike? The answer is 'Yes' because now Indians have more money to spend on food. With a reduced stock of food, we have a situation of more money chasing goods. Is the price hike artificial, engineered by middlemen? No, the procurement costs have gone up and the trader has to make his margins from a reduced stock of foodgrains."

Dr N. Murughasan, Chairman, and M. Rajesh, Managing Director, Rajathi Group

May 8, over lunch


Murali said...


Group Chairman
Rajathi Group of Companies

Born on 6th June 1948, in a remote village near Madurai in Tamilnadu, started his primary schooling in Dindugal and secondary schooling at St.Antony’s in Nagapattinam. Despite being outstanding in his studies, thanks to family commitments and compulsions he could not pursue his studies further.

In 1964 he started his early career by stitching sacks in a private company for a paltry sum and then joined M/s. Subaraja Nadar & sons as an Office boy. He learnt the complete gambit of export business. His hard work, loyalty & willingness to learn led him to manage the entire office without a designation.

As an astute businessman…

In 1974 he started his first export business with determination, hard work and loyalty as capital.

Dr.N.Murughasan always believed the there is no gain without pain. His courage and institutions stood by him to take larger risks in business. Onion which was considered a perishable commodity with low margin, he ventured with a single minded focus to earn a sobriquet “Onion King of India”. Yes, today his company exports over 60% of the onions to the Asian countries from India.

Not being complacent on his success with onion trading he ventured into other Agro commodities like, Sesame seeds, sugar, Rice, Pulses, Jaggery powder, chilies, Groundnuts and tea.

Recognizing the export performance, Government of India awarded Largest Agro-commodity exporter award in the year 1997.

As an Educationist and Philanthropist

Mr.Murughasan authored a non-profitable trust under the name and style “Rajathi foundations” primarily to impart the best education to the poor. What was denied in his early days he staunchly believed the right person should get the right education. He also constituted scholarship to the best outgoing student of St.Anotny’s school, his alma mater.
Mr.M.Rajesh, aged 33, is a Computer Science graduate from Bharathidasan University. Hailing from Nagapattinam, he belongs to the illustrious business family of Mr.Murughasan, Chairman, Rajathi Group of Companies

Rajesh joined EXIM Rajathi in 1995 freshly after finishing his studies. Even though not from marketing background he soared great heights in his performance and results in the business under the guidance of the Chairman.

In the process of learning the business he also studied intricacies of break bulk loading of cargoes and was able to monitor the execution of the cargo aboard the vessel at the port of Chennai, Tuticorin and Bombay. He was also responsible for starting the venture for salt business at Mundra for the export of Salt.

His finest hours came in the year 1996-1997 when he introduced “imports” at Rajathi, which went on to become a successful venture for years. He also seized the chance to import lentils, palm oil and crude sun flower oil which dominated the whole market at that time which in turn helped the company to grow and expand in those few short years. By the end of 1996 he was able to secure the groundbreaking bulk orders from eastern countries. .

He also seized the chance to import lentils, palm oil and crude sunflower oil which dominated the whole market at that time which in turn helped the company to grow and expand in those few short years.

He initiated the business of iron ore in the year 2004 and now they exports to all eastern countries some being Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia etc.

With his rich experience Rajesh lead Rajathi Group to tower the huge turnover of over $ 110 million mark.
Rajathi Group, a
leading Chennai based Agro Export-Import Company .

Agricultural commodity exports account for nearly 20 per cent of the total export earnings of the country. Horticultural commodities, processed fruits and vegetables accounted for the largest share of exports followed by fresh fruits and vegetables. Among fresh vegetables, onion, tomato and mushroom are reported to be highly export competitive and India is a traditional exporter of fresh onion.

With over 3 decades of business expertise EXIM Rajathi has been "Shahenshah of Onions" for their high quality & quantity onion exports. EXIM Rajathi stands towering as a 3 star trading house. Their range of agro products include Onions, Sesame seeds, Sugar, Maize, Chilies, Ground Nuts, Rice, Tea.

EXIM Rajathi accounts for over 60% of the total onion exports of India and currently they export to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Africa, Iran, Pakistan, New Zealand, France and Dubai in large volumes.
They have many warehouses in southern and northern India in places like Lasalgoan, Tutucorin, and Mumbai. They have large roomy warehouses and the products are stored according to their lasting freshness so that they are exported to their buyers reaching their destination to match 100% of their buyer's expectations.

Rajathi Group and their diversified business interest:

* EXIM Rajathi India Private Limited (ERIPL)- EXIM Rajathi is the flagship offering of the Rajathi Group
* Rajathi Biotech Pvt ltd- Rajathi Biotech Pvt ltd which was started in the year 2006 now pioneers in the field of liquid inoculants which has a huge global demand.
* Rajathi Merlin Properties Private Limited- The projects under this aesthetically combines commercial and residential facets of luxurious living with world's best architects, planners and urban developers.
* Breeze Hotels- One of the most recognized name for economy hotels in Chennai & Trichy is part of the Rajathi group.
* Iron Ore- Rajathi group, Iron Ore has stockyards in 4 major ports, high grade mine and with the ability to operate and supply throughout the year.
Suryakanta dash
Perfect Relations
Associate Image Manager
8, Surya Flats - 4th Floor
Seethammal Second Extension
Chennai - 600018
Telephone: 91- 44 - 42110889, 45114517
Mobile: 91- 9884042193
Telefax: 91 - 44 - 45114513

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