Monday, May 26, 2008

Kiran Nadkarni

"We just launched our new outlet in Bengaluru International Airport, Devanahalli, and the response has been very positive. This is the eleventh outlet of Kaati Zone in Bangalore. Before end 2008, we plan to become a multi-city brand by opening our outlets in Hyderabad and Pune."

Kiran Nadkarni, Founder and Director, Kaati Zone (

May 26, 1 pm


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Kiran Nadkarni, Founder and Director, has been a pioneering figure in the Indian venture capital industry. He started the venture capital business of ICICI and managed it during the first eight years. Later, he was a partner at Draper International, a venture firm based in San Francisco, which invested in India and the US. Prior to starting the Kaatizone venture, he was a co-founder of Jumpstartup, a venture firm that invested in technology businesses both in India and the US. During his career, he helped several entrepreneurial businesses by providing start-up and early-stage capital and brought the initial successes of venture capital industry to public markets. Kiran is a chemical engineer from IIT Kanpur and holds a post-graduate diploma in management from University of Mumbai.

Kaati Zone

Pioneer: Kaatizone is one of the first chain of restaurants in India that specializes in Indian quick service foods.
Globally cued in: Our products are designed keeping in mind the global trends in fast food.
Make your own meal: We offer options that allow a customer to make his meal the way he likes it.
Healthy option: The food is healthy and we offer choices to suit the needs of customers who prefer a light meal with high fiber and high nutrition but with low fat.
Convenient: The food is delivered to the customer in a proprietary pack that makes it a compact and non-messy meal that is easy to take away.
The Kaati Zone Story

This dates back to mid 2004 when Kiran Nadkarni, the founder, was in the bay area as a venture capitalist. The number of options for an Indian quick service was non existent & many of his Indians living in the bay area never chose to take their client / colleagues to an Indian restaurant for a quick discussion over lunch. On the other hand there were ethnic quick service restaurants originating from Mexico & other places which were doing roaring business. There were no Indian ethnic quick service restaurants, although Indian cuisine being so popular & many Indians living in the valley. It was the same in India there were many quick service regional concepts but none came with a globally acceptable convenience, quality, consistency or reliability.

An idea took root for coming up with an Ethnic Indian Quick Service Restaurant Chain to reach to customers both within India & globally. After much deliberation – the tandoori style of cooking & cuisine was finalised as the theme of the quick service restaurant as it rendered itself to convenience, appeal to a larger number of customers globally & would offer customization or make your own meal.

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