Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chandrika Shah

"What are the benefits that accrue to an Indian company entering the British Midlands? Foremost benefit is technology in manufacturing, for instance in aerospace, automotive, railways, and supply chain. Another advantage is the global client base that an existing company in the region brings to the table. Take for example the acquisition by Victory Electricals, Hyderbad, of Craig & Derricott, West Midlands, a company with more than 50 years of operations."

Chandrika Shah, Country Representative for the British Midlands

May 24, 10.30 am


Murali said...


Mrs Chandrika Shah is the Country Representative of India for The British Midlands, UK and looks after Entry Strategies for Indian companies desiring to invest in Europe\UK and The British Midlands”

Coming with a vast experience of over 35 years in the Financial Services Sector she has spent over 12 years with Bank of Baroda where she was engaged in commercial banking, institutional credit and commercial banking. She spent 10 years with the Export Import Bank of India involved in Development Banking- Setting up the institution including policies and procedures, Resources, Treasury, Asset Liability Management, Project financing, Trade financing and Lines of Credit. She spent 3 years with Lazards as President for International Investment Banking for project financing, international equity and loan syndication. She then joined Deutsche Bank as the Country Head, Debt Capital Markets. She has also spent 6 years with Deloitte India as Director for Financial Advisory Services. From April 2006, Chandrika is the Country Representative of India for the British Midlands as well as Managing Director, Square Circle Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd.

Her major areas of strength include International Finance- Debt & Equity, Project Financing, Commercial Banking, Structured Financing, Management Consultancy, Financial Advisory, Entry Strategy for Indian companies seeking to invest abroad etc.

She has conducted seminars on International Finance, GDRs, Structured Finance and Women in Management and The British Midlands across sectors and across the country.

As the country representative of India for the British Midlands, she heads all operations of the British Midlands in India and looks after the entry strategies of the Indian companies who wish to invest in the British Midlands.

Background profile of the British Midlands

The British Midlands is a UK government-funded organisation, especially dedicated to attracting international businesses to the region and comprises of the East Midlands and West Midlands, which have two regional development agencies East Midlands Development Agency and Advantage West Midlands who work together to offer support to all foreign businesses who are looking to invest in the region. They have set a priority for the Indian market especially as India is on the fast track to economic development and Indian businesses are looking to expand their presence globally bringing them successfully on par with other world class businesses.

The British Midlands regional development agencies have shown a keen interest in Indian companies in the last few years. Recognising the increasing desires and abilities of the Indian businesses to expand globally, the British Midlands set up their representative office in India for the purpose of attracting Indian investment into the region.

The regional development agencies of the British Midlands successfully work with Indian companies who are looking to expand their business globally offering them support in terms of infrastructure development, legal formalities and any other necessary help required for setting up their companies in the region.

They are increasingly focusing on companies who are looking to expand into the research and development space with world class universities offering ground breaking research.

The region offers a unique mix of the key ingredients for business success such as a progressive business environment with a well-educated, skilled and flexible workforce. The centrally located region offers an effective infrastructure, an outstanding array of business support services and an exceptional quality of life. The easy access to markets and clients makes it a favourable location for foreign investments. The British Midlands also offers a vibrant business and cultural environment that is already home to many Indian companies and communities.

The British Midlands is the location of choice for both British and International independent Research & Development (R&D) being carried out within major automotive companies.

Some of the prominent Indian companies that have invested in the British Midlands are

Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Motors
Tata Steel
State Bank of India,
Bank of Baroda
Bank of India
Brunton Shaw UK Limited
Jaivel Europe Private Ltd
ME Engineering Limited
Kathiawad, Four Soft
Geodesic Information Systems
Trinity India Ltd
Ciro Citterio
Treadworld Pvt Limited
Middlesex Broadcasting Corporation Limited
Superhouse (UK) Limited
Sheval Shoes Limited
Force India
Mahindra & Mahindra
Air India
Aditya Birla
Atlantic Group
Rhea D'Souza
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Nariman Point
Mumbai - 400 021
Telephone: +91 22 40311217 I M: +91 98201 23887 I Fax: +91 22 2202 2391

RAJESH .T.D said...

I have interacted with Chandrika Shah dure her stint at Deloitte and found here to be a good leader, always looking forward and guiding the team. She is down to earth and easy to associate.