Tuesday, May 6, 2008

C. Venkat Subramanyam

"What distinguishes a successful investment banker is the ability to manage the 3 Es, viz. egos, emotions, and expectations, on both the sides of a transaction. Looking at this from the entrepreneur's perspective, as we always work with, ego is sometimes what comes in the way of seeking funds at the right time, and recognising the space that you have to provide for working with a financial partner. Emotions come up when you are giving up something you have built, and have been obsessed with over many years. And expectations are largely about valuations; also, sometimes, the strategic value that an investor can bring to the table. As an investment banker, you have to balance these on both sides, buy and sell."
C. Venkat Subramanyam, Founder Director, Veda Corporate Advisors Pvt. Ltd, Chennai (http://www.vedacorp.com/)

May 6, 1 pm

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C.Venkat Subramanyam

Career Profile


Venkat is a co-founder of Veda Corporate Advisors Pvt Ltd and has more than 16 years of hands-on experience in the investment banking business. Venkat has been a pioneer in investment banking in South India, specifically in the context of structuring Private Equity and Venture Capital investments and has been closely associated with the growth of the Indian VC and PE industry since the mid nineties.
As an investment banker, Venkat has been positioning the VC/PE product to entrepreneurs in South India,since the early nineties, long before it attained acceptance and credibility amongst the entrepreneurial community, and has been an active participant in its evolution over the last decade or so.
He has an enviable track record of transaction closures in Private Equity & M&A having crafted several defining transaction in the Manufacturing, Services and Technology domains.

Academic Background:Associate Member of the Institute of Company Secrataries of India
Age: 40 years

Co-Founder & Director Veda Corporate Advisors Pvt Ltd Chennai. (2003 onwards)

Veda Corporate Advisors Pvt Ltd is a one of the leading investment banking firms in India, focused on structuring Private Equity and M&A transactions in the mid market segment.

Veda has established its credentials by closing over 30 PE and M&A transactions aggregating to over $500 M across industries and service segments over the last 4 years.
Previous assignments

Associate Director, Corporate Finance with Global major Ernst & Young India Pvt Ltd between 2001-2003.

Co- Founded Mantra Consultants Pvt Ltd in 1998-a boutique investment banking outfit based out of Chennai. Mantra was a pioneering firm in South India in the areas of Venture Capital syndication particularly for start up and early stage companies in the technology domain. It was acquired by Ernst & Young India to strengthen its Corporate Finance Practice in South India.

Prior to Mantra, he had six years experience in Merchant Banking and Capital Markets,including a stint with the NBFC arm of the Arvind Mafatlal Group.
Other information

Venkat is a regular speaker on Private Equity and M&A in industry forums. His views on Private Equity, M&A, Entrepreneurship and related topics are often quoted in the business media. He enjoys strong and long standing relationships with several leading Private Equity Funds and their Managers.