Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aarti Madhusudan

"Good NGO boards make a difference. Working with many non-profit organisations, over the last about 7 years, I often find that the NGO ends up as a fiefdom, turning to be very founder-centric, as opposed to cause-centric. Achieving cause-centricism is a challenge that can be met by infusing certain types of competencies into the NGO leadership. For instance, in an NGO that was into rural development, watershed management, and livelihood promotion, the founder board had well-meaning individuals with passion and commitment, but lacked a professional who could address issues such as scale, viability, managing growth, responding to needs strategically."
Aarti Madhusudan, Adviser, Governance Matters (
May 31, over lunch
Videos - August 7, 3 pm
NGOs should engage the professionals prudently

Stop being chequebook charities

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kayodesamuel said...

Hi Aarti, I hope this finds you well. Nice to see that you're still forging ahead with the ideas that we shared at the NCNB fellowship. Pls look up when you're able to and let me know what you think.
Kayode Samuel