Thursday, April 17, 2008

Venkat Rangan

"Our aim is to simplify technology so that it can reach everyone who cannot currently afford it. How do we do it? Through 'Market Simplified', a product that we launched in November 2007, we help achieve a level-playing field for the retail investor in the financial markets. That way, the small investor gets access to tools and technologies which were otherwise only used by the bigger players. More such products are in the pipeline to cater to the entire spectrum of players in the market and covering the entire spectrum of investments."

Venkat Rangan, Co-founder & CEO, INXS Technologies Ltd (

April 17, over lunch

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Rajat said...

The Technology cannot be simplified only by making it affordable to those who cannot afford it but also making it need of the people. Take the example of mobile phone, it is the need of common Indian. So making people somehow addict to it and making the technology effective in their day to day life is best way of making it simplified