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Sapna Gupta

June 12, 1 pm

Sapna Gupta, Director & Founder of AHA


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PROFILE- Ms. Sapna Gupta
“I always knew I was meant to do something big and extraordinary in life and sky was the limit for me” this is what Ms. Sapna Gupta, Founder & Director AHA, has to say when asked about her extraordinary journey that led to the creation of Air Hostess Academy (AHA), an academy which has created benchmarks for others to follow. An academy that has corporatised Aviation and Hospitality training in India! Sapna’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion towards her profession has converted a small venture into an empire. AHA is today a pioneer and leader in the Aviation and Hospitality training industry in India, with a pan India presence of 38 centres across 29 cities.
It is only due to Ms. Gupta’s relentless pursuit of her dream, boundless energy, entrepreneurial spirit and the support of her husband Akash Gupta that AHA, which was started as a boot strap operation in 1997, has completed 10 Glorious years of being regarded as the No. 1 training institute for Aviation and Hospitality sector. AHA today has grown to a mammoth 38-centre outfit spread out across the country. AHA logs a 90% growth in student enrolment and getting validated by none other than the Cambridge University. The one and only institute in the industry to meet Cambridge University’s stringent quality benchmark that now puts AHA on par with the world’s best!

With Ms. Gupta’s firm belief of never settling for anything less than the very best in Quality standards when it comes to the education of her students, AHA today trains approx 8,000-10,000 students Pan India for the service sector.

AHAs’ phenomenal growth testifies to the fact that when the director sees her company as a lifelong commitment; as a living, breathing entity; as a baby she’s fondly nurtured from birth; tending to him in sickness and pain, as Sapna did for AHA, it is destined to grow up to into a strapping, young adult. Destiny is after all not a matter of chance. It’s a matter of choice and Sapna knew that she can shape her destiny.

Ms. Gupta started her orbit in 1994 as a visiting faculty in educational institutes like YMCA, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan and South Delhi Polytechnic, just to name a few. It was her inherent dedication for the service industry that made her to choose this career. During her teaching days Ms. Gupta realized that there was no institute in India to groom students who wished to pursue a career in the service sector. And with the open sky policy of the government and the arrival of new airlines and hotels, Ms Gupta visualized the future of the service industry in a big way.

She saw and anticipated the boom in the aviation industry and the impact that it would have on the entire service sector. She realized the job opportunities that existed in this sector and was sure that it would go a long way in solving the unemployment problem plaguing our country. As Sapna was so popular amongst her students for her good humor and skilled counseling she decided to carve her own niche in the industry.

Sapna has indeed come a long way. To fulfill her initial desire of helping her students, Sapna opened her first centre in the year 1997 from a rented Apartment in Lajpat Nagar’s Amar Colony, with no one but a peon for help and three students. Ms. Gupta knew well that her biggest challenge would be to build a Brand from the Ground upwards --- a Brand that, ten years later would become synonymous with Quality Instruction in the Service Sector.

“There were challenges of all kinds, but eventually we overcame every single one of these challenges because we were committed to helping these students to make their career in this booming Hospitality and Aviation industry. Moreover, the word impossible has never been a part of my dictionary,” is how Ms. Gupta prefers to recall the uphill task of arranging finance and setting up AHA training centres all across the country.

While Sapna concentrated on the entire Operations of AHA, from putting in place an “A”-level faculty of serving and retired professionals from the service industry; building AHA’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, as well as an instructional mode and delivery mechanism that could better the best in the industry, Akash immersed himself in brand-building and marketing, eventually making AHA a leading brand to reckon with. Small wonder that together they make such a powerful, winning combination!

It is because of their strong commitment to their brand integrity and their determination not to compromise on quality that AHA has carved a niche for itself.

AHA’s completion of a decade in the training industry and its phenomenal growth testifies the fact that Ms. Gupta sees her company as a Lifelong Commitment; as a living, Breathing Entity; a baby she’s fondly nurtured from birth; tending to her, until she’s grown up into a beautiful, young teenager. “AHA is extremely close to my heart, as close as Ashana,” she says while comparing AHA with her seven-year-old daughter and that says it all.

Her efforts have not gone unrecognized or unnoticed. To acknowledge Gupta’s personal contribution to this field, she was awarded the prestigious Entrepreneurship Award from the Mayor of Delhi Smt. Aarti Mehra at the 21st Super Achiever Award function 2008 organised by Bharat Nirman. Ms. Gupta received the award in recognition of her Entrepreneurship Spirit that has taken AHA to great heights of achievement, glory and success. She was also awarded with the ‘Education and Training Ratna’ award, conferred on her by the Governor of Maharashtra, in March 2005 on the occasion of International Women’s Day. And for her commendable work in the field of Innovative Training Ms. Sapna Gupta was conferred with The Rotary Ratna Award in the year 2006. Under Ms. Gupta’s able guidance, AHA has received many awards and laurels:

AHA recently was awarded The Best Training Academy of the Year Award for the year 2007-08 by Business Sphere Magazine. The Award was given to Ms. Sapna Gupta by Mr. Oscar Fernandis - Minister of Labour and Union and Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Former Chief Minister of J&K.

In the year 2007, AHA was yet again bestowed with the coveted Golden Peacock Award for National Training 2007 by the Hon’ble Governor of Haryana Mr. A R Kidwai.

In 2006, AHA was conferred with the converted Golden Peacock Award, this time the award was for Innovative Products and Services 2006,’ conferred by the Institute of Directors in recognition of AHA’s excellence in training manpower for the service industry. AHA is also the proud recipient of the Royal Award 2006 in recognition of its achievements in the field of career development.

In 2005 AHA was bestowed with the much-coveted Golden Peacock Award for National Training 2005 awarded by the Institute of Directors (IOD), in recognition of AHA’s Super Achievements in the Field of Training and the Leadership Excellence Award 2005 for providing industry-relevant education

Ms. Gupta considers these awards and achievements as mere official seals that validate her personal success as well as the success of her company. “Our real brand ambassadors are our students who form the backbone of this institution,” says Ms. Gupta. It is they who make us proud each year as they step into the industry with ever increasing confidence. It heartens me to see these marvelous set of students getting transformed from raw to polished talent and making a career for themselves. Being a part of their success story is the most wonderful award me or AHA could ever ask for. It is in the success of our students that we find our own true success.

A complete people’s person, Ms. Gupta has an inborn ability to get along very well with everyone. Over the years, she has shared a very friendly rapport with her students and has been able to understand their needs and counsel them accordingly. The relation has worked both ways. If on the one hand, she is an inspiration for her students, then on the other, her students infuse her with the energy to keep doing what she does so well. “I enjoyed interacting with my students, and continue to do so to this day. I feel so energised in their presence and it makes me want to do better. I admire their ‘chak de’ spirit and their ambition to touch great heights in life. And the fact that I some how am helping them achieve their dreams is just a very fulfilling experience,” she says.

For this woman of grit and steel, it’s been a challenging journey, these last ten years. She has managed to play the role of teacher, entrepreneur, wife, mother and friend with √©lan, and has still maintained her own identity as a woman.

An evangelist to the core, who wants to extend the benefits of good education to all, Sapna Gupta has worked extensively with a number of NGOs for the upliftment of underprivileged children. Apart from this Ms. Gupta also takes keen interest in funding the education of these children.

Social Initiatives

Ms. Gupta is very well aware of her social responsibilities and has never shirked from them. She is a strong believer in giving back to the society and has formed an NGO by the name of Aashna Educational Trust which from time to time sponsors the educational requirements of children, like books, school shoes etc.

Sapna Gupta has been instrumental in providing training and employment opportunities to many students from the socially weaker sections of the society through AHA, which is the first and only institution in the Aviation and Hospitality Industry segment that is partnering with the States Governments of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Chattisgarh and Karnataka for executing State sponsored training projects.

Her work in this regard has been encouraged and appreciated by several political and social big wigs, including Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Vilasrao Deshmukh; Aviation Minister Praful Patel; Minister for Tribal Welfare, Vijay Kumar Gavit and Minister of State for Home Affairs, Manikrao H. Gavit, to name just a few.

Apart from this Ms. Gupta adopts a child every year from the SOS village on 1st September which happens to be her daughter’s birthday. She takes the responsibility of the adopted child and sponsors the education of these children.

Taking time out of her busy schedule Ms. Gupta tries to personally cook breakfast for the blind in an institution by the name of Andh Vidyalaya which is located in Amar Colony. She has also organized a full time meal for anybody who walks in the Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Amar Colony. Last year Ms Gupta celebrated her birthday with HIV infected children from the Naaz Foundation, an NGO she is closely associated with. And plans to do so for all the coming years.

Recently on the occasion of the celebration of AHA‘s Golden 10 years in the industry Ms. Gupta launched her first book “Winning Strategies: Serving with a Smile” along with Ms. Ambika Soni, Minister of Tourism & Culture and Mr. Rajeev Shukla, Member of Parliament–Rajya Sabha in New Delhi. Ms. Gupta considers this book to be her labor of love. “This is in fact my third baby after AHA and Ashna. It’s a testimony of the many years that I have spent in this sector and seen it grow, literally from nothing to one of the most booming sectors of new India. It records all that I have learnt and unlearnt during my decade old stint in this industry, said Mrs. Gupta.

Sapna has always followed the mantra “to give 100% to whatever you take up in life and success will be yours --- 100% guaranteed...” Today, she is exactly where she wanted to be. Successful, self-employed and generating employment for thousands of Aviation and Hospitality aspirants.

“I feel that throughout my life I have worked to reach this point and although the summit hasn’t reached --- it won't be till the end ---- I have the satisfaction that I am following the right path. And as our vision expands, our dreams get bigger, our ambitions higher, our commitment deeper and our efforts become the greatest,” says Ms. Sapna Gupta, Founder and Director AHA.

For further information, please contact:

Ritika Anand / Shriya Kaur

(M): 9350633350/ 9811553585

Air Hostess Academy

A-5, Kailash Colony

New Delhi
The Air Hostess Academy (AHA), a flagship company started in 1997, has today Corporatised the Aviation and Hospitality Training in India. AHA is today a pioneer and leader in the Aviation and Hospitality training industry in India, that boasts of a pan India presence of 38 centres across 29 cities. AHA is the first institute in the country that imparts state-of-the-art training to aspirants who wish to enter the booming Hospitality and Aviation industry. It offers a well-designed and comprehensive training curriculum for the entire service sector.
A pioneer in its field, AHA is today a name to reckon and India’s No. 1 training institute that provides skilled manpower for the entire service sector and has provided 10 successful years in the industry. AHA, a dream child of Ms. Sapna Gupta and Mr. Akash Gupta, has grown to a mammoth 38-centre outfit spread out across the country. AHA has a placement record of over 90% and it provides 100% life-long job assistance to its students. It trains around 10,000 students every year at all its centres nationwide and logs a 90% growth in student enrolment every year. AHA, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, crossed the biggest milestone in its professional growth when both its one and two year diploma courses were validated by the University of Cambridge, International Examinations (CIE)-UK. AHA is the one and only institute in this industry to be validated by the Cambridge University and to meet its stringent quality benchmark that now puts AHA on par with the world’s best. This has further strengthened AHA’s endeavor of converting raw and unpolished service sector aspirants into world class industry professionals.

A testimonial to this is the list of Awards and Accolades that AHA has received for its growing contribution to the service industry. AHA has been bestowed with the converted Golden Peacock Award, three year in a row. Recently AHA received the Golden Peacock Award for National Training, last year it won this award for Innovative Products and Services and in 2005 AHA received the Golden Peacock Award for National Training. AHA has been a recipient of the Rotary Ratna Award, as well as the prestigious Education Training Ratna Award and the Leadership Excellence Award from the Ministry of Education.

Since AHA has now begun to receive a flood of applications for interested students, its selection process has become even more rigorous. The faculty that AHA has on board is also carefully selected to meet and deliver on the toughest demands of the industry, in terms of the quality of manpower. AHA itself ensures that it rolls out nothing but the most job-ready talent in the industry.

To ensure this and more, AHA’s curriculum for its two CIE certified courses-- a One year Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management and a Two year Diploma in Global Aviation and Hospitality Management -- is designed to cover everything from Essential Cabin Crew Training to Hotel Management, International Ticketing & Tourism, Personality Development, Public Relations, Communications, to Industrial Training in any of the leading Hotels or Catering Service organizations. To make world class industry professionals, AHA provides its students with First Aid training from The Red Cross Society. It has also included swimming in its curriculum, since international airlines have made swimming mandatory for their cabin crew.

AHA has always been at par with the industry standards and so was the first to add foreign languages (German & French) to its curriculum. It was also the first to introduce the computerized reservation systems, Galileo and Fidelio, in its centres across India. AHA is the first to provide its students with airport and in-flight exposure with some of today’s leading airlines. This gives students first hand experience as they co-relate the theory that they study with the actual reality.

AHA has gained tremendous reputation in the domestic and international market as a skilled human resource provider for the Service Sector. It is primarily on account of this reputation that AHA students today get placed with all the top employers in the service industry like Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Oman Air, Etihad Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Indigo, Kingfisher Airlines, Taj Palace Hotel, ITC Maurya Sheraton, Shangri-La Hotel, Radisson Hotel, Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt, The Oberois, Rambagh Hotel, Rajputana Sheraton, Hotel Le Meridien, Hotel Taj Blue Diamond and Mughal Sheraton Hotels, to cite just a few.

AHA has also established an impeccable record in the discharge of its Corporate Social Responsibility. AHA’s work in the field of educating the tribal and other backward and economically weaker sections of the society have won rave reviews in recent years from such political luminaries as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh and the Minister for Aviation, Mr. Praful Patel.

Recently, the Minister for Tribal Welfare, Vijay Kumar Gavit and Minister of State for Home Affairs, Manikrao H. Gavit met with and felicitated tribal students enrolled with the Air Hostess Academy in order to encourage the Group’s efforts in this regard.

AHA currently runs 38 centers pan India which includes centres in all 5 metro cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. In Northern India, besides the capital city of the country, AHA has centres in the NCR region including Noida, Faridabad and Gurgaon and also in Jaipur, Dehradun, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Agra, Lucknow and Jammu. In Western India, AHA has centres in Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Ahmedabad and Vadodara. AHA has a strong presence in Eastern India with centres in Kolkatta, Guwahati, Siliguri, Bhubaneswar, Patna aswell as Jamshedpur. In Central India, AHA has centres in Bhopal, Indore and Raipur. In Southern India, AHA has centres in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

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