Friday, May 2, 2008

Ranga Reddy

"Today, the choice of the third-party testing vendor comes right at the end of a project schedule. This could change dramatically in about six years, by when the third-party testing vendor will most probably be the first to be chosen. We are waiting for this transition to happen. What makes us feel positive that this shift will happen? Post-dotcom era, comapnies have made tremendous improvement in the time-to-market, be it in the application or the product domain, and the emerging priority is on functionality and quality, something that testing can assure."

Ranga Reddy, CEO, Maveric Systems

May 2, over lunch

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CEO and Co-founder of Maveric Systems Ltd.

Known to be a professional who lives up to the name he chose for the company he co-founded, Ranga has diverse experience spanning over 20 years. After spending over 10 years in management consulting, Ranga turned entrepreneur.

In 2000, he quickly spotted the emerging potential of independent software testing as a fast-growing niche in an already crowded IT services business in India. Under his leadership Maveric has rapidly grown over the last eight years to become a leading name in independent software testing with operations in India, UK, USA and Middle East.

In spite of starting a new enterprise in the turbulent 2000, Ranga’s flexible and innovative approach to challenges ensured consistent growth in difficult times. While most Indian companies were focused on the US as their prime market, Ranga focused on UK as Maveric’s prime market, followed by the Middle East.

While most small and mid-sized companies were focused on a resource augmentation model, Maveric invested in creating its own proprietary approaches and frameworks to deliver significantly higher productivity to clients. In line with this strategy Ranga is determined to have at least 30% of Maveric’s revenues from its IP-led services over the next three years.

Spotting a growing talent shortage in India, in 2003, Ranga spearheaded a pioneering industry- academia collaboration. He conceptualized a custom two-year post graduate program in software testing in partnership with a leading business school in the country. Apart from setting a new benchmark for creative sourcing and accelerated talent development, this initiative also ensured that Maveric brought a different quality of talent to its testing engagements.

Ranga’s management consulting experience spans business strategy, people management, change management and transformational leadership. He worked with leading organizations like World Bank, American Express, Reckitt and Coleman, Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young, Polaris Software, AT Kearney, NDDB, Andhra Pradesh State Govt. and Govt. of India.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the College of Engineering, Chennai and Masters in Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur, India.


Executive Director and Co-founder of Maveric Systems

PV is a Chartered Accountant with 23 years of professional experience. Starting with a six year stint in management consulting with A F Ferguson & Co., PV turned entrepreneur in 1991. After Co-founding and running a techno-business consulting firm for close to 10 years, PV, Co-founded Maveric Systems in early 2000.

Owing to PV’s strengths in financial services and banking, Maveric quickly acquired marquee clients in that vertical. Under PV’s leadership Maveric continues to get the largest share of its revenue from the financial services vertical.

PV is a subject matter specialist in retail banking and regulatory compliance by virtue of his extensive work with banks across geographies. PV has worked closely with decision makers in an impressive portfolio of financial institutions that include State Bank of India, Emirates Bank, First Gulf Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Bank Muscat, ABN Amro, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Commonwealth Development Corporation and the Government of India.

His vast consulting experience of over 15 years gives him a clear understanding of quality challenges faced by CTO/CIOs of large corporations. PV has been leading the R&D team in Maveric for the last two years as the key architect of Maveric’s proprietary test design workbench - Testac. Under PV’s leadership, Maveric is today deploying its proprietary IP in projects to help clients significant enhance the quality of applications they deploy.

Over the next three years, in addition to current services in banking and financial services vertical, PV is looking to build more vertical specific testing offerings in the credit cards, insurance and health care domains. PV also manages the finance function including investor relations at Maveric.

PV’s passion for technology manifests itself in the form of articles and technical papers on the software testing industry. Some of his recently published work includes:

“10 Best Practices in UAT” -
“Independence in testing” - CTO forum
“Customer Information Management” - CTO Forum
“Future of Independent Testing” – NASSCOM Quality Summit - 2007
“Pride of Tamil Nadu”- Indian Express Almanac

Maveric Systems Ltd. is one of India’s top three independent software-testing companies with a strong and dedicated focus in the banking, financial services and insurance verticals since the year 2000. Over the past seven years, Maveric has been pioneering the outsourcing model in software testing by virtue of its insightful knowledge in the banking and financial services vertical, strong core management team and multi-locational testing facilities. As a leading pure-play, independent software testing company, Maveric significantly enhances the functionality, usability and performance of IT solutions, empowering its customers with a definite cost advantage.

Maveric’s impressive client profile includes a wide array of leading software product companies, system integrators and financial institutions. With customers rating their satisfaction levels at a high 94%, Maveric brings end-to-end software testing capabilities to client engagements, ranging from defining a test strategy, devising an approach, test planning, execution, defect management, closure and documentation.

Maveric has been successful in taking clients away from a resource augmentation model to a value added business partner in testing.

Maveric brings in a fresh rigour and perspective to testing and offers in-depth expertise in the areas of functional testing, test automation, performance testing and non-functional testing. Being industry tool-neutral in engagements, Maveric works with global industry standard tools and consistently assists clients to make the right choice in tool selection. Maveric has also demonstrated its expertise in numerous risk management engagements

Staying ahead of the innovation curve, Maveric offers the following advantages to its customers:

Sharp Focus: A razor-sharp focus has helped Maveric build domain expertise in chosen areas which enables them to understand client requirements quickly and completely so that they remain sensitive to client’s and user’s perspective

Proprietary Intellectual Property: Maveric’s chief differentiator is the baking functional frameworks that assure high quality coverage in design, high degree of optimisation in execution and help the clients in crashing their time to market.

Proprietary Methodologies & Quality Processes: With repeatedly tested proprietary methodologies, Maveric is uniquely positioned to test software products as effectively as customized applications. Maveric also shows its focus to quality through obtaining quality certifications viz. ISO 9001:2000 and ISEB.
Stability: Exceptional management bandwidth, sound financial stability, and high levels of talent retention provide deep roots that sustain Maveric’s aggressive growth.

Best –in-class clients: Maveric works with the industry’s leading global banks, financial institutions and development companies who have already established themselves as leaders in quality and service, thus propelling our own quality competence and delivery capabilities to the forefront.

Quick Ramp-up ability: Timelines for testing engagements are typically tied to software release schedules of the development teams. Fast response time is a key expectation that most clients have and therefore Maveric has structured itself to be in a position to meet quick ramp up requirements of clients

World Class Training: Maveric developed a world class testing curriculum and has been consistently partnering with academic institutions such as LIBA to deliver the 2 year postgraduate diploma which is a prerequisite to join Maveric. Maveric’s own training centre offers in company programs with partnerships with leading international consulting firms.

With a strength of 400 testing professionals, Maveric has offices in US, UK, India and Dubai.
Derek J. Wheeler
Associate Director

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