Saturday, April 19, 2008

M.S. Krishnan

"Personalised globalisation is what N=1 and R=G is all about. Megatrends are empowerment of customers, immensity of choice, breakedown of barriers between industries, increasing digitisation of business combined with decline in technology cost, and the emerging culture of collaborative environment. We are now at an inflection point, with our business models morphing."
M.S. Krishnan, co-author of 'The New Age of Innovation' (with C.K. Prahalad)
April 19 , over lunch.

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Murali said...

About Krishnan...

Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow & Professor of Business Information Technology; Chair of Business Information Technology

Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, 1996
M.S., Carnegie Mellon University, 1993
M.C.A., University Of Delhi , 1987
B.Sc., University Of Delhi , 1984

Dr. M. S. Krishnan ("Krishnan") is Mary and Mike Hallman e-Business Fellow, Area Chairman and Professor of Business Information Technology at the University of Michigan Business School. Dr, Krishnan is also a Co-Director of the Center for Global Resource Leverage:India at the Michigan Business School. Dr. Krishnan received his Ph.D. in Information Systems from the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University in 1996. He was awarded the ICIS Best Dissertation Prize for his Doctoral Thesis on "Cost and Quality Considerations in Software Product Management". His research interest includes Corporate IT strategy, Business value of IT investments, and management of distributed business processes, software engineering economics, metrics and measures for quality, productivity and customer satisfaction for products in software and information technology industries. In January 2000, American Society for Quality (ASQ) selected him as one of the 21 voices of quality for the twenty first century. His research articles have appeared in several journals including Management Science, Information Systems Research Information Technology and People, Strategic Management Journal, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, IEEE Software, Decision Support Systems, Harvard Business Review, Information Week, Sloan Management Review, Optimize and Communications of the ACM. His article "The role of team factors in software cost and quality" was awarded the 1999 ANBAR Electronic Citation of Excellence. He serves on the editorial board of reputed academic journals including Management Science and Information Systems Research. Dr. Krishnan has consulted with Ford Motor Company, NCR, HIP, IBM, Bellsouth, TVS group and Ramco Systems.