Thursday, April 24, 2008


"Every child is a born genius. That is the thought which drives our business model. But what come in the way of a child continuing to be a genius are social norms and expectations, family exposure and parental anxiety to impose a definition of success. How do we get out of these limiting factors? By educating parents and equipping them with the 'right' methods."

Madhumati, Founder, Aspire Superkidz (

April 24, over lunch

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Murali said...


An M. Phil in American Literature and alumnus of IIM-Bangalore and Symbiosis, I am an entrepreneur in the education services industry. My professional journey began in the same space. I was with National Institute of Sales (NIS) for nine years, a period during which the company was delivering a pioneering brand of management education. While at NIS, I won an Excellence Award for Innovation in Marketing.

From NIS, I went on to take charge of the South Indian operations for eGuruCool, a Star TV brand and e-learning pioneer in India. The idea proved to be ahead of its times and had to be redesigned for the markets. I addressed this market challenge and developed a model of blended learning that successfully delivered a mix of classroom and online instruction.

During this period, a couple of colleagues and I, through interactions with students, parents and teachers, realised that crucial educational needs were going unserved. Education emphasised memory-based learning too much and paid too little attention to comprehension and application of knowledge and skills. This problem was reflected in the concerns voiced by various sections of society about equipping students for success in life. The attention of leaders like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam pushed the problem into national focus.

It was clear that students deserved a better education. In 2002, we responded to this need by establishing aspire learning pvt. ltd., a company with a belief that learning fundamentals ensures success. In fact, this belief became our tagline. Within three years, aspire grew into South India's most successful new education services brand. Our success can be traced to the unique collaboration between managers and educationists in designing and delivering an education service that lays the foundation for a student's success in life.

Close on the heels of aspire learning pvt. ltd, my colleagues and I launched aspire SuperKidz pvt. ltd., a company that focused on igniting young minds – right from that of a newborn to the mind of a child in Class 5. aspire SuperKidz was born out of the belief that maximizing a child's potential is best done by starting early. Interestingly, the focus at aspire SuperKidz is not on Math or Science. aspire SuperKidz programs are designed as a platform for cognitive, academic, intellectual, social and economic development of children.

In the aspire's group journey, my passion has been the creation of a brand that parents trust to help them equip their children for success in life; a brand that children will confidently grow with, in their journey to become what they can be.