Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Aadith D. Vikram

"Talent pool can be increased only by removing geographical barriers via virtual interviews. Our portal (www.whereismyboss.com) offers facilities to video-interview live, upload resumes in any format, view resumes in a uniform format using AI (artificial intelligence), and cut manpower recruitment costs/time."

Aadith D. Vikram, MD & Vice chairman of PGC Industries, Tirupur

April 3, over lunch


Murali said...


The PGC group has recently started a web portal called www.whereismyboss.com, that offers online live interview between employee and employer.

Profile of Aadith D. Vikram:

Aadith D. Vikram, 22 year old Managing Director & Vice Chairman of PGC Industries & Group Company including PGC Infotech is a Finance and Management Science graduate from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. He started his career as a Director with Prem Durai Exports in April 2007. He plays a key role in Managing and Strategizing the existing business as well as in Business development initiatives.

An enthusiast by nature he likes motor sports, dabbling in Share Market trading and is avid reader.

About Whereismyboss.com?

WhereIsMyBoss.com?(WHEREISMYBOSS.COM) will be a unique and innovative career gateway developed by PGC Infotech Pvt. Ltd., a division of 45 year old, Tirupur based textile exporter, the Rs. 250 crore Prem Group of Industries. WHEREISMYBOSS.COM will use simple technologies to solve difficult problems thus providing job seekers and employers with unmatched time and cost efficacies. In a first of its kind employers and employees will be able to interact together in life-like interactions via ‘video interviews’, WHEREISMYBOSS.COM will only allow active resumes to be matched to opportunities thus reducing the time spent by employers on screening, standardized formats will be followed using Burning Glass technology to make resume search less time consuming and more effective. Through its unique and innovative career gateway WHEREISMYBOSS.COM will look to create unmatched efficacies never seen before.
Bluelotus Communications,
Ph.: 044-42147872.
Mob.: 0 98408 34014.

Ram Sriram said...

It is good to see that a Inidan job portal is doing so much with techonology. I am sure this concept will become big as it is thinking ahead for the future and not to the old .