Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 2008 appointments

1 -
2 - Ramesh Ramani, CEO, Expertus Infotech - 1 pm
*3 - Aadith D. Vikram, MD & Vice chairman of PGC Industries, Tirupur - 1 pm
4 -
5 -
6 - LifeLine Hospitals, Akshaya (?)
*7 - Kapil Viswanathan, PreMedia Global - 3 pm
*8 - K.V. Rajan, Executive Director, Veta - 1.15 pm
9 - Sharad Heda, COO Microland - 1 pm (?)
*10- Kamalie Sripal - 1 pm
*14- Venetia Kontogouris, Managing Director, Trident Capital - 4 pm
16- Sridhar Ganesh, Director-HR, Murugappa Corporate Board - 1 pm (?)
*17- Venkat Rangan, Co-founder & CEO, INXS Technologies Ltd - 1 pm; Sam Chopra, President, BPIAI (Business Process Industry Association of India) - 1 pm (?)
18- Shailesh Deshmukh, Territory Manager, Zebra Technologies - 1 pm (?)
19- *Vidhya Srinivasan, COO, Integrated Brand-Comm Pvt Ltd - 1 pm; *B. Madhan Mohan, MD, Unitex Logistics India Pvt Ltd, Chennai; Shailesh Deshmukh; *M.S. Krishnan, co-author of 'The New Age of Innovation'
*20- J.S. Rajkumar and Chitrakala, Lifeline Group of Hospitals - 11 am
*21- Ramesh Venkataraman, Head, Asia Pacific, CurAlea - 1 pm
*22 - Lakshmanan Ganapathy - 1 pm
23- *Sam Chandar, Vice President (HR & Commercial) Henkel India Ltd - 1 pm; P. Kishore, Managing Director, Everonn Systems India Ltd - 1 pm (?)
24- *Madhumathi and Swaminathan, Founders, Aspire Superkidz - 1 pm; Shanmugam Nagarajan, Co-founder and Chief People Officer, 24/7 Customer - 4 pm
25- Arun Jain, Chairman & CEO, Polaris Software - 4 pm (?)
27- K. Raghavendra Rao, Managing Director, Orchid Chemicals - 1 pm (?)
29- *M.N. Srinivasu, Co-founder & Director, BillDesk; *P.N. Vasudevan, Managing Director, Equitas Micro Finance Company India (P) Ltd - 1 pm; *Srinivasan Chandrashekhar, COO, Aztecsoft Ltd - 2 pm
30- *Ramesh Jackson, GM, Courtyard by Marriott - 1 pm; *Jonathan Wilkinson, Business Development Manager, APAC, Hosted Security, Websense Inc, Australia - 3 pm
(* means ‘met’)

Jonathan Wilkinson

"Many organisations in India, which have been seeing great growth, fuelled by IT (information technology), are getting sick and tired of managing e-mails on their networks, given that nearly 90 per cent of e-mails are spam. Many underestimate the cost of tackling with this problem themselves. Spam costs organisations in terms of bandwidth, storage, administration, and complexities surrounding scaling the infrastructure and making it resilient."

Jonathan Wilkinson, Business Development Manager, APAC, Hosted Security, Websense Inc, Australia

April 30, 3 pm

Ramesh Jackson

"We have more than 20 of Marriott hotels coming up in the course of the next 3 years. In Chennai, we are opening a 600-room JW brand hotel in the first quarter of 2010, in MRC Nagar. End of 2008 will see a Courtyard coming up in Gurgaon, the second one in India. The third Courtyard will be in Pune. How has Courtyard been received by the Indian market? Really well, because the guests enjoy value-for-money in the mid-tier segment which is what Courtyards target."

Ramesh Jackson, GM, Courtyard by Marriott, Chennai

April 30, over lunch

April 30, 2008

Vikram Utamsingh
Phil Laut

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Srinivasan Chandrasekar

"Mobile is an area that is exploding for the software engineering services sector. If you combine this with SaaS (software as a service) the opportunities are tremendous. For example, you are on the road and you want to buy something. You can browse the Net with your mobile, find what you want, and pay online, and complete the entire transaction, say, when you are waiting to board a plane. Where do we come in? A lot of companies that have their software already working on computers want to extend the software to offer the 'mobile' experience, which is where we step in. We develop the application and infrastructure for them so that the service is delivered seamlessly."

Srinivasan Chandrasekar , COO, Aztecsoft Ltd, Hyderabad

April 29, over lunch

M.N. Srinivasu

"Electronic payments, as a sector, is on a high ride right now. Since banks want to retain their customers, offering electronic payment services is a good way to lock in customers. It also gives banks a good insight into their customers' share of the wallet. To both sides, viz. the banks and the customers, the givens, however, are convenience, efficiency, and cost savings."

M.N. Srinivasu, Co-founder & Director, BillDesk, Mumbai

April 29, over lunch

April 29, 2008

Ian Taylor
Sandy Gordon
Jane Henry

Thursday, April 24, 2008


"Every child is a born genius. That is the thought which drives our business model. But what come in the way of a child continuing to be a genius are social norms and expectations, family exposure and parental anxiety to impose a definition of success. How do we get out of these limiting factors? By educating parents and equipping them with the 'right' methods."

Madhumati, Founder, Aspire Superkidz (

April 24, over lunch

April 24, 2008

Think India, The Golden Apple, and Representing India

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sam Chandar

"We can see talent flowing in from two emerging streams, viz. neo-competencies and geo-competencies. Competencies, being what are brought to the table, as differentiators, the 'neo' variety comprises competencies with an emphasis on MBA, an acronym that I coined to mean Maneuverability (lightning-speed reflexes as responses to opportunity, based on real-time monitoring of the environment and a profound understanding of the available resources), Babelity (filtering out noise from the information and finding method in apparent madness), and Ambiguity (heuristic decision-making in the face of fuzzy and inadequate data). Geo-competencies are about the global skill-sets."

Samuel Chandar, Vice President (HR & Commercial) Henkel India Ltd

April 23, over lunch

April 23, 2008

Ramesh Venkataraman
Send, Ultimate Blogs, and The Cybergypsies
6.45 am Beauty Palace (Economics of haircut!)
9.09 am The incredible 8-minute commute. Rs 5

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Aditya Menon

Invite open...

Aditya Menon, Executive Director, Obopay India

Vinod Jain

Invite open...

Vinod Jain, Managing Director, Magppie

Shantonu Aditya

Invite open...

Shantonu Aditya, CEO, UTV Entertainment Television Ltd

Raju Vaziraney

Invite open...

Raju Vaziraney, COO, Radico Khaitan

Prasad Koneru

Invite open...

Prasad Koneru, MD, Rakindo Developers

Sapna Gupta

June 12, 1 pm

Sapna Gupta, Director & Founder of AHA

April 22, 2008

Anil Talreja
8.15 am - MRTS commute
7 am - Veena class

Monday, April 21, 2008

K.O. Isaac - Videos

ABL is moving into newer markets

Next project of the Photographic Society

Photographer has to be more than a chronicler

Membership of the Photographic Society

April 21, 2008

Omer Hevlin

K. O. Isaac

Shanto Ghosh

Sunday, April 20, 2008

J.S. Rajkumar and Chitrakala

"The typical IT professional is dysfunctional."
Dr J.S. Rajkumar and Dr Chitrakala, Lifeline Group of Hospitals (
On April 20, over lunch (at 'Fortune')

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vidhya Srinivasan

"The biggest communication challenge is how we say what we have to say so that it is understood by the target consumer in a personalised way. How are we coping with this challenge? By being extremely agile to forecast an environment which is constantly changing."
Vidhya Srinivasan, COO for Brand comm PR

Meeting on April 19, 1 pm

B. Madhan Mohan

"Global experience, coupled with localised and personalised approach is what we are offering in India. With the right people, processes, and branding, we aim to serve the business customers."
B. Madhan Mohan, MD, Unitex Logistics India Pvt Ltd, Chennai (
April 19, over lunch

M.S. Krishnan

"Personalised globalisation is what N=1 and R=G is all about. Megatrends are empowerment of customers, immensity of choice, breakedown of barriers between industries, increasing digitisation of business combined with decline in technology cost, and the emerging culture of collaborative environment. We are now at an inflection point, with our business models morphing."
M.S. Krishnan, co-author of 'The New Age of Innovation' (with C.K. Prahalad)
April 19 , over lunch.

April 19, 2008

Sneaker Wars, and Stop Acting Like a Seller and Start Thinking Like a Buyer

Covert Persuasion

Friday, April 18, 2008

Abhay Kanoria

About how books are delivered in innovative forms (e.g., Googlebooks... mapping of places in books... (It should, perhaps, be possible to map the characters in the book, too.)
Abhay Kanoria, Chairman & Managing Director of Anglo-French Drugs and Industries Ltd, Mumbai
April 18, 3.45 pm, over phone.

April 18, 2008

The Game-Changer

Young Bucks, Chance, and Trump Never Gives Up
V. Ramesh
Death to all Sacred Cows
Islamic Finance

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Venkat Rangan

"Our aim is to simplify technology so that it can reach everyone who cannot currently afford it. How do we do it? Through 'Market Simplified', a product that we launched in November 2007, we help achieve a level-playing field for the retail investor in the financial markets. That way, the small investor gets access to tools and technologies which were otherwise only used by the bigger players. More such products are in the pipeline to cater to the entire spectrum of players in the market and covering the entire spectrum of investments."

Venkat Rangan, Co-founder & CEO, INXS Technologies Ltd (

April 17, over lunch

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

P. Kishore

Meeting on April 23, 1 pm (?)

P. Kishore, Managing Director, Everonn Systems India Ltd, Chennai

Lakshmanan Ganapathy

Meeting on April 22, 1 pm
Dr Lakshmanan Ganapathy, and other doctors...
(Sri Bala Medical Centre)

April 16, 2008

Samir Patil
Pradeep Nevatia
Kuljit Singh
Shanto Ghosh

Monday, April 14, 2008

Venetia Kontogouris

"Empower the entrepreneur. But how? By mentoring, inspiring, encouraging, supporting them on their dream, and also observing and assessing their weaknesses. How are Indian entrepreneurs different? They want to do everything, as I have seen them over the last about 18 years. But what makes an entrepreneur successful is 'One journey, one dream, one focus, worldwide.'"

Venetia Kontogouris, Managing Director, Trident Capital
April 14, 4 pm

April 14, 2008

Around the World in 80 Dinners
The Power of Focus for College Students
B. Yerram Raju
The Burnt House
Bone China
The Other Boleyn Girl
Ugly Duckling, The Third Jesus, The Origin of the Nattukkottaiyars and their Communal Practices
Ved Jain, Asish K. Bhattacharyya

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kamalie Sripal

"One simple way to reduce anger, and also the craving for junk and fast-foods is 'normal-rhythmic-shallow breathing'. If your child is hyper, and less than 18, get him or her a skipping rope; doing a minimum of 200 skips everyday can help burn off the extra energy. Punching a pillow or writing down angry thoughts and reading thereafter, can also help, at times! Take care to tear off the paper later."

Kamalie Sripal

April 10, over lunch

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sridhar Ganesh

Meeting on April 16, 1 pm

Sridhar Ganesh, Director-HR, Murugappa Corporate Board

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

K.V. Rajan

"This fiscal, we will be opening our centres in Assam and other States in the North-East. Between now and 2010, we will be increasing the number of centres from 203 to 500. Our global operations, which began with the Singapore centre in February this year, will also see growth. We are planning to have franchisees in Singapore, and master-franchisees in Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. There are pending enquiries from Vietnam and Thailand.
Major K.V. Rajan, Executive Director, Veta
April 8, over lunch

K.V. Rajan

Monday, April 7, 2008

Kapil Viswanathan

"Valuations are fair now. About two years ago, they were unrealistic. For the next few months we are going to lie low, as far as acquisitions are concerned. However, we are studying the media services space."

Kapil Viswanathan, PreMedia Global
April 7, 3 pm

Friday, April 4, 2008

B.C. Thiruvengadam

"Legal practice in India needs reforms in at least two ways, urgently. One, technology, and two, increasing the number of courts and judges. Technology can enable, for example, online filing and time-bound calendar of events. This can lead to a reduction of time taken for disposal of cases by at least 50 per cent. Also, case management becomes better with technology. For instance, pleadings, case-related documents, orders and judgments can be made available online, thus saving time and cost spent in manually procuring these records. The second suggestion, viz. increasing the number of courts and judges, is a must because the current ratio of judges to population is 13 per one million, while in the US it is about 135 per one million. On an average, a court (in Bangalore) handles about 200 cases a day, while a US judge handles less than that number a year. India being a vibrant democracy, people do not hesitate to go to the courts to enforce their rights, and 70 per cent of the cases involves the State. Which, therefore, makes it necessary for the judiciary to meet the demand for speedier dispensation of justice. Quite dangerously, the delay in dispensation of justice has already forced some people to resort to the intervention of anti-social elements for help in settling disputes, leading in turn to a law and order problem. If we implement the technology reforms in legal practice in right earnest, we can strengthen the trust of every stakeholder in the judicial system, as our judges are no way inferior to their counterparts in the Western world."

B.C. Thiruvengadam, thiru & thiru Advocates, Bangalore
April 4, over lunch

Sam Chopra

Meeting on April 17, 1 pm (?)

Sam Chopra, President, BPIAI (Business Process Industry Association of India)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sharad Heda

Meeting on April 9, 1 pm

Sharad Heda, COO, Microland

Ramanujam Sridhar

Meeting on April 19, 1 pm

Ramanujam Sridhar, CEO, Integrated Brand-Comm Pvt Ltd

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Aadith D. Vikram

"Talent pool can be increased only by removing geographical barriers via virtual interviews. Our portal ( offers facilities to video-interview live, upload resumes in any format, view resumes in a uniform format using AI (artificial intelligence), and cut manpower recruitment costs/time."

Aadith D. Vikram, MD & Vice chairman of PGC Industries, Tirupur

April 3, over lunch

March 2008 appointments

*1 - Budget 2008 analysis - E&Y - 10 am; * Budget 2008 analysis - KPMG - 11 am
*3 - Mihir Mohan, Director, Technology, N-NET Technologies - 1.30 pm
*4 - K.O. Isaac, MD, ABL Biotechnologies
*5 - Bharath Mahadevan, Manager Southern India, Singapore Airlines, Chennai - 1.30 pm
*6 - K. Arunachallam, MD, Eskay Cartons P Ltd - 1.30 pm; *Peter Lønborg Nielsen, CEO, KE Burgmann Group, Denmark - 4.30 pm
*7 - C.L. Ashok Kumar, Consultant Urologist - 1.30 pm; *Jai Xavier Prabhu David, CEO, PRHUB - 5.30 pm
*8 - H.R. Srinivasan, Vice-chairman, Take Solutions Ltd - 1.30 pm
*9 - Bharathan Prahalad, Head-HR, KLA Tencor’s India Operations - 1.30 pm; Kannan Srinivasan, New ( - 5 pm
*10 - Alok Singh, CEO, Novatium Solutions - 4 pm
*11 - Anand Sudarshan, MD & CEO, Manipal Education - 10.30 am; IBM - 1.30 pm (?)
*12 - N. Subramanian, Managing Director, TRS Forms and Services P Ltd - 1.30 pm; *Suresh Jain, MD, Vijayshanthi Builders - 4.30 pm
*13 - Ranjini Manian, Rajeshwar, Global Adjustments - 1.30 pm;
*14 - Muthu Logan, CEO and Founder, BroVis Wireless Networks - 10.30 am; *G.N. Venkatasiva Subramaniam, Director, Irris Aromatics Pvt Ltd- 1.30 pm; *Naresh Jain, CEO, Atmosphere Lifestyle Homes - 4.30 pm
*15 - Raja Pannir Selvam, Advocate; *Kiran Bhandari, Area Director - Southern India, Sri Lanka & Maldives, Singapore Tourism Board - 1.30 pm
*16 - M. Murali, Managing Director, Sri Krishna Sweets - 1 pm
*17 - J.V. Mahendran, Consultant Neuro Surgeon, Madras Medical College - 1.30 pm
*18 - Gopi Natarajan, President and CEO, Omega Healthcare - 1.30 pm; [Anurag Jain, President IBPS and CAS, Perot Systems India - 1.30 pm (?)]
19 - R.L. Ravichandran, Eicher Motors Ltd - 10.30 am (?); *D. Sundar, MD, Mahalakshmi Tools & Machinery Pvt Ltd - 1.30 pm
20 - T.R. Gopalakrishnan, HOD, Department of Mass Media and Communication Studies, University of Madras - 11 am (?); *B.S. Tiruvadanan and Mallika Tiruvadanan - 1.30 pm
21 - Sharad Heda, COO, Microland - 1.30 (?)
*22 - Sanjay Bharadwaj, CEO, Kaashyap Technologies - 1.30 pm
23 - WORK
*24 - Arun Subramony, Vice President (Global Delivery), UST Global - 1.30 pm; *Raghu Viswanath, Managing Director, Vertebrand Management Consulting Pvt Ltd - 1.30 pm
*25 - Satheesh Kumar, Managing Director, Enzen Global Solutions - 1.30 pm
*26 - T. Manoharan, MD, Ajinomoto India Pvt Ltd - 1.30 pm
27 - Santanu Paul, Senior VP & Head of Global Delivery Operations, Virtusa Corp - 1.30 pm (?)
*28 - Jayaram Krishnan, CEO, American Megatrends - 1.30 pm
29 - A. Venkatramani, Chairman, GV Films Group and Chairman, Sanra Software - 1.30 pm (?); *Parveen Mittal, Country Head, Stratify Software India Ltd - 5 pm
30 - WORK
*31 – Dr M.V. Viswanathan, Sri Siddhanta Foundation – 5 pm

(* means 'met')