Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Satheesh Kumar

"We got 'Zen' in our company's name to indicate that unbiased wisdom can be delivered to customers, to achieve commercially sustainable success. Currently, what we find is a gaping consultant-to-practitioner divide that often results in ineffective implementation of the conceived projects. The antidote is the Zen approach, or more specifically, the Enzen way, where the customer is handheld from concept to commissioning, from idea to reality, with us as the trusted partner."

Satheesh Kumar, Managing Director, Enzen Global Solutions
March 25, over lunch

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About Satheesh...

Satheesh Kumar is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Enzen. Over his 18 years of experience, Satheesh has held a series of global leadership roles in growing large IT Organisations. His experience covers a number of Industries including Utilities, Financial Services, Aviation and Telecom spanning across the geographies of USA, UK, EMEA and India.

Prior to Enzen, Satheesh was Vice President at Wipro Technologies where he held Business Development and Delivery responsibilities for Utilities Business. Satheesh also pioneered the company’s vertical go-to-market strategy and implemented Business Solutions Group which made a profound impact for the Vertical and transformed the group from a pure play technology provider to a leading Solution provider and Systems Integrator in the Utility space.

Satheesh joined Wipro from NCR Corporation (formerly AT&T GIS) where he was the Partner, India for the Financial Services Business. At NCR he was responsible for setting up and growing NCR’s operations in India for the financial services portfolio. He played a significant role in positioning NCR as the leader in Payment Solutions business within a span of two years.

Satheesh started his career at Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) as a scientist.

Satheesh holds a Master Degree in Computer Science and is an active member of various IT Professional bodies. He resides in Bangalore, India with his wife Mini and son Bharath.
About the company...

Enzen Global Solutions – Summary Overview
The world of energy is fascinating and the complex world of Energy reaches far beyond the popular oil price changes. Energy is a base requirement of life; it supports development and decides on economical and political power. The Energy markets are more and more diversified with complete new forms of energy entering the market. Wind, hydrogen, sun, clean development markets and bio fuels are just some examples of accelerating commercial projects. The old integrated and public utility networks became unsuitable for efficiency and competition and are now, one by one, privatized and or dismantled. The new emerging economies need energy to fuel the growth. Significant new capital investments in infrastructure are planned to deliver the energy to the new emerging economies and end consumers. The size of energy business has always carried an abundance of inefficiencies. With ever increasing competition and demanding (new) shareholders, energy companies review their value chain and further optimise their business and operational processes. The large scale of the energy business then translates in to mega opportunities.
Enzen Global Solutions
Enzen Global Solutions Private Ltd is a business solutions company with focus on improving Operational and financial efficiencies in the dynamic global Energy markets. The core idea of the company is to benefit from restructuring and emerging energy opportunities. India is well placed on both accounts. India will provide, like in IT, more business consulting and outsource services to Western, restructuring markets. Secondly, India itself will need restructuring of current businesses on a war footing development to be able to provide a 100% growth in energy demand and infra structure. Lastly, the new clean and renewable energy can play a major part in India future, both from cleaning as a greening perspective. The EGS play in both mature and developing economies allows re-use of know how and leveraging partnerships. The key energy markets of interest are Gas and Water (maturing Western markets and emerging markets), Power & Electricity (emerging markets) and Integrated Energy (Oil and Gas, Renewables for India and Middle East). These market segments are also the core EGS divisions. EGS creates enterprise value from business services principally to Energy transmission and distribution companies. EGS dynamically plays between the expensive complex energy infra and the ever more demanding consumers. The services consist of consulting, business development, restructuring and management of business operations and provision of world class systems. Critical business know-how, leading partnerships and good client value is what brings EGS a front runner in the Energy service business. Protection of IP, flawless delivery and turn key projects are core to EGS offering. The Enzen group has therefore an “in house” technology company, Enzen Technologies (ET). ET provides the system technology for the core solutions of the EGS. Both ET and exclusive business solution partnerships are used to design unique and competitive restructuring offerings. The EGS most attractive and immediate opportunity is the restructuring of the Indian electricity distribution industry. The distribution companies have out dated business processes, automated systems and work practices. EGS provides them new core ideas, redesign their core business processes and provides advice on automation and technology enabling to help achieve desired levels of efficiencies. The business objective is to move beyond single invoice consulting and convert the unique offering into long term EGS revenue streams, either though a long term “Pay per Use”, Gain sharing agreements or Operational Management agreements. In Operational Management, EGS takes over the operational management activity of distribution companies using a smart sourcing model. EGS will utilize the existing Discom staff to manage the day-to-day operations and help them improve thru best practices, automated solutions, improved accountability and incentive mechanisms. These are typically 2-3 year agreements. EGS underwrites improved business parameters to the distribution company. Restructuring beyond the guaranteed business parameters is the EGS reward for solution design, restructuring and management of the business. The retail and commercial client substantial revenue cash flow passes through the EGS books. The total market potential is significant. EGS has concluded agreements and is in advanced stages to sign a number of agreements with further prospects. Consulting and solutions to market leading clients in UK and India, serviced by an EGS UK office and EGS India offices in Bangalore / Kareli/ Hissar/ Hyderabad, completes the current activities. The deregulating European market provides attractive M&A opportunities for both market players. EGS will benefit from significant consulting and outsource service opportunities to unbundling utility companies, some of which are subsequently merged with larger market or financial players. EGS is well positioned with key players in this future scenario. New Markets development is a key focus area for EGS particularly for near term positions in the India wind energy, Bio-mass and clean development markets. In summary, the most attractive EGS business options focus on restructuring of Indian Electricity Distribution and provision of business critical services to the restructuring European utilities markets.
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