Thursday, March 6, 2008

Peter Lønborg Nielsen

"The industrial growth rate that we will see in India in the next 5 to 10 years has the potential to be steeper than in China. Because China is tending to near a level where growth will slow down from historical numbers. In India, we at KE Burgmann, see a lot of opportunities in the energy, steel and cement sectors. All three, which are the cornerstones for the future development of infrastructure."

Peter Lønborg Nielsen, CEO, KE Burgmann Group, Denmark
March 6, 4.30 pm

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Murali said...

About Peter...

"Peter Lønborg Nielsen is 39 years old and started with the
company on the 1st February. He brings with him extensive
experience from working
several years at Shell
(projects, technology and
new products) and at Stora
Enzo (several production
manager assignments). Before
he joined KE-Burgmann,
he was General Manager at
Ribe Steel and Machinery
Plant in Denmark."

(From the April 2006 issue of the company's news magazine)
About the company...

About the company…

The KE-Burgmann Group is dedicated to the development, design and manufacture of fabric, metal and rubber expansion joints in an almost unlimited variety of designs for the solution of a similarly vast range of industrial alignment problems.

Pipework and ducting systems in industrial environments can be damaged, stressed and fatigued to the point of catastrophic failure by variations in temperature, pressure, mechanical vibrations and movement, unless the effects of those instabilities are neutralised or eliminated at the source.

Expansion joints – fabric, metal or rubber – are installed as flexible connections in duct and pipe systems to prevent such damage at power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, cement plants, pulp and paper plants, FGD systems, steel works and more…

KE-Burgmann acquires the next door site and expands the storage facility. The total facility in Vejen is now 7,000 sq. meters.

In November KE-Burgmann is approved to the ISO 14001 environmental and OHSAS 18001 health and safety standards by BVQI.

The German Group of companies, Freudenberg & Co, in a partnership with the japanese company of Eagle Industry, acquires KE-Burgmann's parent company, Burgmann Dichtungswerke GmbH & Co. KG of Wolfratshausen. Burgmann Dichtungswerke is renamed as Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co. KG. EBI - The Worldwide Alliance for Sealing Technology - is born.

KE-Burgmann A/S acquires the company of Senior Flexonics Bredan A/S as well as its subsidiaries in the UK, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Cooperation with our previous Indian partner is terminated, and the shares in Keld Ellentoft India (Pvt) Ltd. are disposed of. A wholly owned subsidiary is established in India: KE-Burgmann Flexibles India Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacture of KE-Masterflex(r) high pressure rubber expansion joints is commenced in Vejen. KE-Burgmann A/S now manufactures all three expansion joints types: fabric, metal and rubber.

KE-Burgmann, Vejen takes over the Spanish company of DeCaucho and establishes own manufacture of high-pressure rubber expansion joints.

Metal expansion joints become an important addition to the product "family". The scope of KE-Burgmann, Vejen now also includes the development, design, and manufacture of metal expansion joints.

Another new building is added to the factory, and at the end of the year the total area is 5,500 sq. meters.
A new product division is introduced: the Materials Division which coats and laminates glass fabrics with PTFE and elastomers to make composite materials for use in the industry.

KE-Burgmann, Expansion Joints Division, opens its own office in the USA - KE-BURGMANN USA

Burgmann Dichtungswerke, parent company of KE-Burgmann, celebrates 111 years as a company. Main products manufactured are mechanical seals, packings and gaskets to industrial pumps, compressors etc. In Denmark, these products are marketed through the Seals Division of KE-Burgmann.
The same year, KE-Burgmann A/S, Denmark, Expansion Joints Division, is approved to the ISO 9001 standard by Bureau Veritas.
A new building is inaugurated, and the total facilities in Vejen - production, warehouse, and offices - now amount to 4,500 sq. meters

Burgmann Dichtungswerke GmbH & Co. KG takes over KE-Safematic and the company becomes a part of the international Burgmann group with companies all over the world. KE-Burgmann is born - and the same year the company can celebrate its 30th anniversary in the expansion joint industry.

Subsidiaries are established in Italy and in Singapore.

The Danish Keld Ellentoft company is merged with the Finnish Safematic Oy Group of companies - and changes name to KE-Safematic, Expansion Joints Division.

Subsidiary in Spain is formed - and in India, the success is growing and a new company is formed, with the sole intention to develop and manufacture materials for use in the manufacture of expansion joints. The new company supplies materials to the Indian joint venture.

Joint venture in India - a production unit - is established with an Indian partner. Main product: expansion joints.

Subsidiary in Great Britain is formed.

The company moves from Copenhagen to Vejen, as a result of continuous success, and a new factory is built.

The first export order is executed - the first step towards internationalization.

The company is established as 'Keld Ellentoft'. The main products were filter bags and flexible connections (expansion joints).