Wednesday, March 12, 2008

N. Subramanian

"We are planning to introduce table-top OMR (optical mark reader) scanners and services in two verticals, viz. corporates and schools. In corporates, we anticipate an increasing use of OMR for recruitments. And, in schools, for the evaluation of regular class-tests and assignments. This solution may involve about Rs 1 lakh as capital investment, with negligible operational cost."

N. Subramanian, Managing Director, TRS Forms and Services P Ltd (

March 12, over lunch.


Murali said...

About Subu...


1. Name : N.Subramanian
2. Age : 45 Yrs.
3. Qualification : Graduate
4. Company : TRS Forms and Services P Ltd
5. Designation : CEO and Managing Director.
6. Address : No. 22/2, Sri Krishna Appts.
First Street, Subramania Nagar
Chennai – 600 024.
Phone : 9444004684.
7. Years of Experience : 22 yrs.
8. Details of Experience : Holds a diploma in Software development from NIIT.
Has started the career as programmer and worked in various organizations in various designations. The parent organization, TRR Software Service (P) Ltd., started in 1991 along with 2 technocrats. The core activity of the company was scanning bureau services using OMR scanners. Was working as Director (technical) and heading the team of 15 for various activities like Software development, Scanning and processing. TRS Forms and Services P Ltd was started in 1999 with another 2 Directors and with the same business objectives. Apart from OMR related activities, Imaging and software development was also included. Has been instrumental for introduction of various automation processes in the field of education-testing. Currently TRS has branch offices in Bangalore and New Delhi. TRS is in the process of opening Branch offices in Hyderabad and Calcutta. TRS represents half a dozen Off-shore companies for both Hardware and Software. The companies are from various countries like US, UK, China and Russia. Now TRS has become the synonym of Scanning, be it OMR or Imaging. The strong Scanning bureau team has been ably supported by a strong Software development team. Currently TRS has around 70 permanent Employees and doing a turnover of around 4 crores. This turnover is expected to double in the next couple of years.

About the company...

T.R.S Forms & Services (P) Ltd.
We aim to be a leading corporation in data capturing & imaging services and transform technology into solutions to lend cost effective support in business processing and enhancing customer competitiveness.
To provide comprehensive range of Leading Edge Technology with quality solutions and services.
To meet our commitment to customers today and in the future with determination to better the past.
TRS is a Professionally Managed Company having the entire modern infrastructure to cater to the needs of various government and private institution in the field of data capturing and imaging activities for more than a decade. TRS specializes in providing integrated solutions in the field of document and data capturing by using OMR and ICR techniques. Besides technological support, TRS takes pride in being exclusive distributor for the sophisticated range of OMR scanners of DRS plc. United Kingdom & Sekonic of Japan. Reseller for ABBYY Software of Russia for all the ICR and OCR related products.
TRS is the pioneer in the field of OMR technology in India. TRS specializes in this globally accepted advanced technology and successfully providing customized solutions in data capturing and image processing. TRS is recognized by every customer for continuous and repeat services. Our commitment to be a valuable and reliable business partner to all our customers has resulted in tremendous volumes of business that has led to our steep and promising growth.
TRS has one of the largest OMR bureaus in India consisting of six high-end scanners each capable of scanning around 7200 sheets per hour. Scanning of these OMR sheets is a one step process to convert the data into processible information quickly, accurately and securely.
REAL TIME BENEFITS FROM TRS - TRS has been providing the entire gamut of automated data capture solutions and services including, Forms Processing, Back office services, Payroll & Accounts Processing, Catalogue Digitization and web based solutions.
COST EFFECTIVENESS - TRS can provide cost effective solutions that may begin moderately but can grow exponentially without any increase in capital expenses or human resources.
EXPERT PROFESSIONAL STAFF - The top and middle management at TRS commands a rich practical experience of over 10 years in their respective fields of activity.
ACCURACY - Along with Software development, TRS specializes in systems such as OMR, OCR, Image processing, Data Conversion and Data Processing, which contain strict quality controls hence utmost data accuracy is preserved. We not only employ computerized validation routines, but our trained and experienced staff supervises the data processing at all levels ensuring quality and accuracy.
EFFICIENCY - TRS provides a quick turnaround time to its clients respecting and adhering to the time schedules as specified by the clients without sacrificing data integrity and accuracy.
EASY REACH - Our professional staff is always on hand to consult and advice the customer and answers their queries at any point of time. Data may be transmitted to TRS’s offices by fax, modem, Internet, ftp or if located locally we can also arrange for personal collection.
IMMIDIATE ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND IMAGES - TRS can provide the best way to process and store documents and thus enables the organisation to have nearly instantaneous access to all stored documents. It can provide you with intelligent document retrieval software for speedy reference.
CONSTANT CONTACT - TRS believes in maintaining healthy customer relationship through constant contact and continuous servicing of client queries and providing such services that meet the expectations of our client.
TRS is one of India’s leading IT enabled service provider. TRS has built up a wealth of services, competencies and solutions to meet any business requirements. TRS brings together the technology that helps business facilitation and growth.
TRS Core services include:
High speed Data collection using OMR Technology
Data Recognition using OCR/ICR Technology
Image Processing
Photoscribe Imaging
Access Control implementation
Designing and printing of OMR Forms
Bulk data entry services
Software Development
OMR Scanner
Image Scanner
Bar Code Scanner
OCR/ICR Software
Archival & Retrieval package
The data capturing using OMR technology and image processing are used where large data is managed for business information system. The common areas include;
Government Department
Recruitment examination evaluation
Public Distribution System
Vendor accounting
Tender processing
Voters’ data processing.
Driving License
Registration Department
Transport Department
Application Processing
Health Care Industries
Patients Registration
Selection of Pathological tests
Nurse Scheduling
Treatment Audit
Meal Selection
Satisfaction Survey
Health Survey
Educational Institutions
Course Registration
Application processing
MCQ testing
Automatic dummy numbering
Hall ticket generation
Identity Cards generation
Market Survey
Order Processing
Sales Reports
Quality control systems
Order Processing
Attendance Processing
The technology used by TRS for data capturing and image processing is based on, Optical Mark Reading (OMR), OCR (Optical Character Recognition), intelligent character recognition (ICR), Scanning, Imaging and Bar code reading.
Optical Mark Reading also called “mark sensing” is a method of entering data into a computer system. It is popularly known as Data Entry without Keyboard. OMR scanners are capable of reading pencil or pen marks made in pre-defined positions of a form.
Optical character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition provides a full alphanumeric recognition of printed or handwritten characters at electronic speed by simply scanning the data lines.
More recently, the term intelligent character recognition (ICR) has been used to describe the process of automatically converting raster images of character strings found on forms-both hand written and machine print – into computer usable data, known as ASCII character.
Scanning is the process of taking an electronic image of the document, that is, converting the dark and light areas of a document into a mark of 0’s and 1’s.Recognition takes pre-defined areas of this map and converts them into meaningful data, for example, into ASCII format.
Imaging is the process of scanning, retrieval, recognition, reworking and making the resulting images available for further processing.
Bar code reading is alternative technology used for specific business transaction by choice. Bar code is just a different way of encoding numbers and letter by using a combination of bars and spaces of varying widths. This is just another was of entering data into a computer.
Automated data capture releases valuable manpower time for core functions and also saves cost by improving speed and accuracy in data management.
Imaging technology is gaining momentum as alternate electronic storage medium (archival of records), with minimum storage cost and easier retrieval.
TRS has the privilege of working with a wide variety of clientele who have trusted and entrusted us with their works and the same has been satisfactorily completed by us. It includes prestigious government agencies and also non-government bodies. To mention few,
Anna University
University of Madras
CAC Bangalore
CET Cell, Bangalore
CITI Financials (CITI Group)
Cochin University
BEL, Bangalore
V technologies Bangalore, (BPO)
IISC Bangalore
Pondicherry Engineering College
CMC, Hyderabad
Christian Medical College, Vellore
Pinakini Ed.Insitituion, Hyderabad
Central Bank of India
ELCOT, Chennai.
TRS has been in this field for more than a decade. Confidentiality is the buss word in all their jobs. TRS is a strategic partner of a Security Press, authorized by Indian Bank Association. Hence TRS is valued as a top confidential service provider for its customers. We maintain most stringent standards of data and document security. All database and application software files are adequately backed-up. Security not only includes documents and/or records but our personnel as well. Records entering or leaving the center needs management approval at every stage.
TRS has close to 200 staff working at its various offices.
The management of TRS believes in working in an environment of fairness, honesty, transparency and courtesy to our employees.
TRS take the pride of being a Pioneer in OMR and Imaging revolution in India.
TRS is one of the few players who offer a complete document imaging solution.
Associated with companies and technologies from ABBYY Software, DRS Data Research & Services Plc., Top Image Systems, Kodak, Bell & Howell.
TRS uses advanced automated capture technologies - ICR/OCR/OMR/Bar codes that offer quicker turn-around, higher accuracy and reliable data capture services.
Contact: N.Subramanian Phone: 91-44-23725452/53
CEO & Managing Director email:
T.R.S.Forms & Services (P) Ltd. Cell : 94440 04684

basheer said...

muraliji...i am looking for a omr mechine to an inctitution....i want to know the prise ringe and where get the omr sheets
u can also call me in 9946763700 , calicut, kerala

Anonymous said...

Mr Murali

Nice to hear that and I am happy to see the growth of Mr Subu