Friday, March 14, 2008

Naresh Jain

"I draw inspiration from Mr N.R. Narayanamurthy, that the power of money is in giving. Accordingly, the philosophy of Atmosphere Lifestyle Homes is to make money but at the same give back some of it, for social causes. We have identified two such causes, viz. vocational training institute for construction industry, and international residential school. Both these projects are aimed at becoming self-financing in the medium term, of say 3-5 years."

Naresh Jain, CEO, Atmosphere Lifestyle Homes

March 14, 4.30 pm

Naresh Jain

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About Naresh...

Mr Naresh Jain, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Atmosphere Lifestyle Homes Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, is a second generation builder and construction entrepreneur.

He started his career in Vijay Shanthi Builders as a project manager and site supervisor. Having done his graduation in Commerce, his contribution to the Company determined the growth of the organisation with his inborn acumen in Operation Services and Marketing, taking the company to a different league. He was entrusted with project management, marketing, design and construction of a number of projects. He was handling residential projects that the company undertook. Also, he was responsible for the overall monitoring of quality and progress of works, budget expenditure, preparation and issue of sub-contracts. He formed part of, and sometimes headed, delegations to other parts of the country where the company had intended to start operations.

The finest and the most challenging task in his career was the setting up of a private dental college in the state of Rajasthan. There, Mr. Naresh Jain redesigned the architecture of one of the finest buildings housing the college premises. His abilities encompassed not only the setting up of the premises but also putting in place the infrastructure, staffing and administration of the college for several years.

Atmosphere Lifestyle Homes is the brainchild of Mr. Naresh Jain, who after 20 years of working in and tracking the growth of the real estate sector recognized the need to address the growing demand for luxury homes with an international flavour.

Mr. Naresh lives in Chennai and his hobbies are art, sports and games. He is also involved in a number of projects aimed at creating a positive impact in the lives of differently abled people.

About the company...


Atmosphere Lifestyle was born out of a passion to identify the true essence of what goes into making a perfect home. A new entrant in the growing luxury housing segment is burgeoning in Chennai, and Atmosphere Lifestyle aims to cater to the aspirations of the niche segment, who can reside or invest in an environment procuring exclusivity, plushness, amenities and a home that complements the strata in the society. Every project developed by Atmosphere will represent a contemporary living standard that is designed to be unique, fashionable and luxurious. With innovative concepts such as tropical homes, tropical bedrooms, tropical kitchens, rooftop swimming pools, thematic coloured lighting, Atmosphere is surely poised to redefine the luxury home landscape in India.

Atmosphere Lifestyle is the brainchild of Mr. Naresh Jain, a well-known name in the real estate industry, who after 20 years of working in and tracking the growth of the sector, recognized the need to address the growing demand for luxury homes with an international flavour.

“Atmosphere Lifestyle is an indication of the bright future of the lifestyle segment in the state. On the standard of living front, it has the potential to put Chennai on the global map of lifestyle spaces.” says Jain in his capacity as the Managing Director of Atmosphere Lifestyle.

Atmosphere Lifestyle’s first project, Mist, coming up at the upmarket Harrington Road in Chennai, will be designed by renowned architect, SAJITH & VIVEK. Touted to be the abode for discovering a new rhythm to life, Mist will have a total of 8 residential apartments. The project, which will sport a very trendy and international look from both inside and outside, is expected to be complete by July 2008. The second project, Rainforest, coming up in the peaceful 1st Cross Street on Sterling Road, would sprawl across seven grounds of ravishing foliage in an exotic sanctuary of six expansive 4200 sq. ft. apartments with the privileged privacy of only one apartment on each floor.

Right from its genesis, the design of every Atmosphere home will aspire to optimise open space, comfort and security. The apartments would be laid out and oriented so as to maximise light gain and airflow, thereby creating a cheerful and healthy living environment. The designs would lay emphasis on the creation of large central open spaces. The architects' expertise with interiors will ensure that all the rooms are created with meticulous attention to detail.

Atmosphere is coming up with two ‘first times’ in the real estate segment – the concept of 'Limited Edition' homes, a first of its kind concept in the housing sector, and an unlimited and unconditional lifetime guarantee on the entire house, again an innovation in the sector. For every house, Atmosphere will offer complete structural guarantee against leaks and cracks. In addition, all standard fixtures by Atmosphere will carry the lifetime warranty, which will be extended to the first owner.

“Atmosphere Lifestyle comes with the promise of homes one always dreamt of”, signs off Jain.
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