Friday, March 14, 2008

Muthu Logan

"WiMAX is going to revolutionise the acceptance of broadband and bridging the digital divide. It is a sure bet in our opinion. Above all, it complements, rather than substitute, the existing WiFi solutions. How does WiMAX help bridge the digital divide? It not only helps the large telcos and service providers but also the greenfield operators, either to plug in to the ecosystem created by the large operators, or enable to set up their own networks in a cost-effective manner."

Muthu Logan, CEO and Founder, BroVis Wireless Networks

March 14, 10.30 am

Muthu Logan


Murali said...

About Muthu...

Muthu Logan , President and CEO
Muthu Logan, a well-known global entrepreneur and telecom executive, founded BroVis Wireless Networks in 2003. He has served over 20 years in leading global firms like Lucent Technologies, Ascend Communications, Intel Corporation, Madge Networks, Olin and Solectron, USA

Muthu Logan holds a M. S. I. E. from the University of Texas, USA and a MBA. Muthu has held various marketing, product management and business development positions at Lucent technologies/Ascend Communications, Madge/LANNET Data Communications and Solectron Corporation. He has also held various engineering/management positions at Intel and Olin Corporation. In the last six years, his contribution to the Broadband Industry has been significant. One of the most notable contributions has been the formation and shaping up of the Broadband Access Group within Ascend Communications that merged with Lucent Technologies.

Muthu has founded two ventures in Silicon valley- BroVis Wireless and eJunction Software and has served as technology advisor to three Venture Capital firms in the US. He is one of the leading proponents of standards based Wi-fi and WiMax technologies.

Murali said...

Questions for an e-mail interview

1) Why WiMAX? What difference does it make for a user?
2) What is the technology, and the standards involved? (a schematic to show where Brovis works in)
3) How big is the estimated market size, globally and in India?
4) Are we on par with the world, w.r.t. WiMAX? What do you see as future developments in this space?
5) What fresh investments are required for the switchover? And what investments would become sunk and irrelevant? At the user end, what are the costs?
6) Company financials, growth rate, India-non-India biz. Ongoing projects.
7) On the IP creation in Brovis.
8) Your work in campuses and residential complexes (upcoming townships).
9) Can we unwire whole towns and cities? What does it imply and what are the challenges?
10) Rural opportunities for WiMAX, in areas that don’t even have voice connectivity.
11) As an adviser to US VC firms, what is your take on the current VC activity in Indian IT, in the context of dollar depreciation and US economy slowdown?
12) Any other points of interest.