Thursday, March 6, 2008

K. Arunachallam

"What has the Budget done for the corrugated packaging industry? It has ruined our life. How? Originally, we had central excise at 16 per cent on paper. Corrugated products, which use (Kraft) paper as the raw material, also suffered 16 per cent levy. Last year, excise duty on paper came to 12 per cent, and now it has been brought to 0 per cent, up to 3,500 tonnes; and, above that limit, it is at 8 per cent. Meanwhile, corrugated packaging industry suffers a duty of 14 per cent (from the earlier 16 per cent). According to me, the paper industry is not expected to pass on the benefits to the corrugaged packaging industry."

K. Arunachallam, MD, Eskay Cartons P Ltd

March 6, over lunch.


Murali said...

About Aruna...

Education: Experience is my education. Finished X standard from St. Bedes, in 1979 and joined father's business ( Corrugated Box manufacturing inds) due to family necessity . My three siblings continued their education.


Packaging Front:
1) Took the packaging turnover from a modest of Rs.25,000 per month in 1979 to the current Rs.1 cr per month.
2) We have recently imported used automatic 5-ply plant from UK at a total project cost of 10 cr. This plant will be the only plant of its kind in India and can produce 2000 TPMTH................
3) We are the only corrugated box manufactures in India to export boxes to USA. On an average we export one container load to USA
4) We have the best client list which includes Wheels India, Perfetti, ITC, Symrise, Sheenlac to name a few
5) My ambition is to make world class boxes at affordable price for the industry at large.
6) Core Committe Member of FCBM (Federation of Corrugated Box Mfrs of India) for last ten years which represents the woes of corrugated box manufacturers across the country.
7) Served as the Honrary President of The South India Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association during 1998-99. During my tenure got the entry tax abolished after a meeting with then Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha.

Textile Export Front:
1) Started Eskay Exports as a partnership firm in 1991 for exporting Home Furnishing Textiles. We started this firm with just one customer in Sweden.
2) Converted into a Pvt Ltd Company in 1999 and today we are exporting to almost all the continents and we export to the best of the customers in the world.
3) We export to customers like Anthropologie, USA; Crate & Barrel, USA; Conran, UK; Freedom Furnitures Ltd, Australia; BHV, France; Hema BV, Holland, Interio, Switzerland to name a few.
4) We have our marketing office in Delhi and factory in Karur. We have an office in Erode as we deal with lots of dyeing and printing mills.
5) Our current turover is 3 Million US$

Plantation Front
1) Acquired 100 acres of estate in Gudalur in 1995 for cultivation of Coffee and Pepper.
2) I am slowly converting my plantation into 100% Organic.

all the above could be acheived as our family is a joint one with 3 brothers along with parents and i have greater goals in my industry as well as my spritual progress

1) Enjoy talking philosophy and listening to good music.
2) I have taken up studying Hindi and I plan to complete......B A in hindi recently passed madhyama
3) Interested in Yoga and Meditation.........Student of yogada satsang society ( BY yogi shree yoganandaji)
4) Health Freak
5) Enjoy traveling; My most memorable trip was to Kailash in year 2002.

Murali said...

Questions for an e-mail interview...

1) First, your views on how the Budget proposals impact the corrugated packaging industry.
2) As a former head of the industry body in the South, can you trace the growth of the industry in India over the years. Also, the share of India in global market? The strengths of India as a global player.
3) You have been into business right after your schooling. What have been the major lessons that business has taught you?
4) A frequent complaint from the industry in general is about the employability of fresh graduates from the education system. Your comments.
5) Your group's revenues are primarily from exports. How have you been tackling the dollar depreciation?
6) On your future plans for the group.
7) What have been the trends in packaging in recent times? The major shifts and innovation happening in packaging?
8) Is IT (and associated technologies) coming in a big way into packaging? How?
9) What are your methods of motivating your people? Especially, in view of the attrition that is complained of in the knowledge economy.
10) Fact sheet about your company. Financials, head count.
11) Future of the packaging and textile (home furnishing) industries, in which you have been active.
12) Any other points of interest..
13) What are the challenges faced by the packaging industry due to globalisation? (de-reserved)

Murali said...

Health tips from Arunachallam...