Monday, March 17, 2008

J.V. Mahendran

"Head/spinal cord injury is so different from other injuries. While there may be a way to set right other injuries (e.g. bone fracture, abdominal injury etc.) without much sequelae (consequences), head injury involves neurons which are unique in that they cannot regenerate. The affected neurons may manifest as the loss of a person's speech, use of limbs, concentration, memory, personality, or the way he/she works/studies. Which is why it is so necessary to give the best attention to the head injury patients, immediately after head/spine trauma."

Dr J V Mahendran, M.Ch. (Neuro), Senior Asst. Prof. of Neuro Surgery & Consultant Neuro Surgeon, Madras Medical College and Govt. General Hospital, Chennai

March 17, over lunch.

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Murali said...

About Mahendran...

Mahendran M.B., B.S.,(Madras University, M.Ch., (Neurosurgery)
Ph.D.,(Neuro surgery) Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai

After successful completion of M.Ch, was posted as Assistant Prof. Dept of Neurosurgery, Govt. Stanley Hospital, Chennai, for two years and then posted at Govt. General Hospital& Madras Medical College, Chennai, which are teaching institutions with Post-Graduate training programmes.
Gained rich experience in cranial and spinal surgeries during postings in the above Institutions and also in private consultation as a Neurosurgeon.
While working in Govt.Gen. Hospital and Madras Medical College joined part time Ph.D., in 2002, to continue research in post head injury sequealae, and was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Neurosurgery by the Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R. Medical University in July 2007.
Promoted and posted as Prof. & HOD Govt. Vellore Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, Tamilnadu, and awaiting orders.
Well versed in performing independently elective microscopic procedures like Supratentorial tumors - Falx, Convexity, Sphenoid wing, olfactory groove Meningiomas, astrocytomas,and Tuberculomas & Orbital lesions.
Posterior Fossa tumors like CP angle tumors, Medulloblastomas, Ependymomas,haemangioblastomas.
Skull Base tumours like Planum Sphenoidale, Clival and Para Clival, Foramen Magnum and Jugular Fossa tumours.
Intraventricular lesions, Corpus Callosum tumors, Thalamic lesions etc. Neurovascular procedures like Aneurysm Clipping, AV malformation excision etc.
Elective Spine surgeries like Laminectomy and Disc excision, Micro Lumbar Discectomies, Intradural, Intramedullary tumor excision, all kinds of spinal stabilization and fusion procedures, Anterior cervical discectomies etc.
All emergency Head trauma cases like Acute SDH, EDH, Contusion brain with midline shift, Intracerebral bleed, Depressed fracture excision etc. and all Emergency Spinal Trauma and Stabilisation procedures.
1) Member- Congress of Neurological Surgeons, USA.
2) Member-Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Japan.
3) Life member of Neurological Society of India.
1) Neurological Society of India- 43rd Annual Conference, Bangalore- Dec 1994
2) Workshop on PLIFF, Plates, and screws by Prof P.S. Ramani- Bombay-1995
3) National Neurotrauma Conference (4th), Cochin ,Kerala
4) 44th Annual Conference of the Neurological Society- Delhi, 1995.
Posterior Fossa Microneurosurgery, VHS- Chennai- 1996
Microneurosurgery of CV Junction, Spine and Spinal cord-VHS- 1997
Spine surgery workshop at Cleveland Clinic, USA, July 2006
Endoscopic Skull base workshop, Bombay Hospital, Aug 2007
2007 CNS Annual Meeting, SanDiego, California, USA
Spine conference Bangalore
7) Spine Today, conference eon Spine Surgery 2006,
International Symposium on Thoracolumbar Spinal
Diseases, Feb-2008, Jaipur, India.
Computed ICP monitoring in Head Injuries-Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons- Japan-Nov 2000.
Clinical signs and ICP correlation in Head Injury- Congress of Neurological Surgeons 51st Annual Meet-San Diego, USA.
Evaluation of Computed ICP monitoring in the Head Injured- Congress of Neurological Surgeons 51st Annual Meet-San Diego, USA.
MIN Prognostic Score in Head Injury- 71 st AANS Annual Meeting –San Diego, California.
Neuropsychological and SPECT perfusion evaluation of post traumatic head ache. 53 rd Annual Conference of the Neurological Society of India
Pneumothoax, Pneumorachis, and Pneumocephalus in a patient with Poly Traumaand Pneumoventricle following Trauma-53 rd Annual Conference of the Neurological Society of India
Brain Trauma - Comparison of Neuropsychological factors and SPECT perfusion with functional outcome-2005 AANS Annual Meeting New Orleans, Louisiana.
Regional Blood Perfusion in Post Traumatic Squeal using SPECT - A long Term follow up-2005 AANS Annual Meeting New Orleans, Louisiana.
Titled “Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Evaluation of Post Traumatic Headache in Minimally Traumatic Brain Injury - 2005 CNS Meet at Boston.
Post Traumatic Headache Syndrome: Comparison of Neuropsychological Evaluation, CT Scan of Brain and SPECT Perfusion-2005 CNS Meet at Boston
14th October 2005 to 30th October 2005 – attended Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Epilepsy surgery unit as a visiting clinical observer.
14th July 2006 to 25th July- attended Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, and Spine Surgery Unit as a visiting clinical observer.
Civil Surgeon, Asst. Prof of Neurosurgery and Madras Medical College & GGH, Chennai
Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon-Vijaya Health Centre,
Vadapalani, Chennai.
3) Senior Consultant, Neuro-Ophthalmology Dept., Rajan Eye Care Hospital, T.Nagar,Chennai.
4) Senior Consultant Neuro Surgeon, Department of Neuro Surgery, Sooriya Hospital, 1, Chennai-93 & Bharani Hospital

To get trained continuously in Brain & Spine Surgery both in India & abroad and to use the skill and knowledge acquired in that field for the betterment of patients in India.
To continue research in field of Post Head Injury squelae and its management. (Ph.D., Topic)