Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thomas John

"Explore and exploit. Sounds like East India Company? Well no! The Internet is so powerful that everybody needs to use it to the fullest extent... Which is where Ooha comes in, by making the machines an organic platform available in the public domain."

Thomas John, CEO of Ooha Services India Private Ltd
February 8, over lunch


Murali said...

Ooha is about to be soon formally launched around Feb 11th 2008.

Murali said...


Ooha has been established to create a true open advertising platform and realized that the only way one can do targeted advertising is by knowing what the person really wants. Subtle sub-conscious need creation is the way advertising should work in actually targeting and converting a potential user. To take this idea forward Ooha Integrated Services Private Limited was formed.
Prior to starting Ooha, Thomas started on an entrepreneurial phase in 1996 with ProgramX LLC in 2006 with likeminded friends where the company deals with Supply chain management, Enterprise application integration, Service oriented application (SOA) & Workflow.
Before taking over entreneurship, Thomas was working in America with Verizon as a Consultant for 3 years and as a Senior Member Technical Staff with them for 2years. He was also working with Fox and TV guide in 2000 to 2002.
He began his career in India with IMRB during college as research analyst in 1993,1994 and then moved on to space selling in DSJ in 1995 to end of 1996. In 1997 Thomas joined as a Software Engineer in 1996 till the end of 1998 and then again as a Software Engineer in Planetasia 1998 to 2000.
A Graduate in Physics and computing mathematics from Bombay University had been staying in Bangalore, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu and in US, Chicago.

His hobbies include Hi-end Audio systems - reading about them and auditioning them reading about new developments in propulsion systems. In the US, he is into deep-sea fishing, skiing, swimming and long rides on his Royal Enfield 500.

He is happily married to Jeena Jacob for 5 years and the couple is blessed with a 4-year daughter Julia Annemarie John.
Ooha aims to provide FREE, Hi-speed and Secure INTERNET access to all users, through an easy-to-use kiosk infrastructure ANYTIME ANYWHERE!!
It was founded in 2007 and today it is a top Free Internet Access provider in Chennai. Ooha’s targeted advertising and a promotion program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while providing FREE Internet access for users. Ooha is headquartered in America with offices in America and Asia.
Ooha = Sanskrit it means “TO IMAGINE”.
Ooha will deploy 50 Internet enabled kiosk in Chennai in the next 3 months and then expand it nationwide. Ooha is also planning to extend their services at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.
The services that they provide are:
• Customized mall specific Directory Assistance Services.
• Customized mall specific Discount and Coupon systems.
• Bridal and Occasion registry services.
Free Social Services
Location Services
Emergency Alerts
Directory Services
Free Commercial Services
Coupons/Discount System
Location Specific Advertisement
Targeted ads
Corporate Enrollments
Registry Services
Integrated Solutions
Telephony Solutions
Healthcare Solutions
Retail Outlet Customized Solutions
Locations at which you can find kiosks in Chennai
Shopping Malls,
Educational Institutes,
Other Public Places
Sukanya Chellappa
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Murali said...

A log from Thomas...

Hi Mr. Murali,

Below is a log of what happened today…

8:00Am IST

I woke-up to the sound of my mobile ringing… checked the time it was around 6:00am IST. The call was from the US team asking me the status on the ground. I explained them about what all is up and running and what are the pending tasks. My CTO who is based in US confirmed after taking at a look at the logs and the management console that all systems are “go” only “no-go” issue was that we do not have any advertisements at this moment. I assured him that is a non-critical issue and that we proceed as planned with our promotional animation etc. He also assured me that all the test Kiosk terminals running in the US and India are running at optimal efficiency.

10:00Am IST

I Instructed my local technician to come to office and boot all machines up and test it… he called me after reaching the office and informed me that unfortunately the power was out for that whole street. I asked him to take off home and be on standby till I call him. I asked my Director Logistics to go to the factory and ready everything for shipping to the location.

3:00 Am IST

I went over to the mall to inspect everything. The power, internet connection and the location was all in place for tonight’s deployment.


I came back to the office and decided to test the machine and all related devices for one last time. Because the machines will be disconnected for change over to production. All the current Databases and related cached material will be purged and a new set of assets and content will be loaded. The machines will then be restarted and the new downloads will start this will ensure that the environment is now production ready and all systems are up.

11:00pm (yet to happen)

We will move in after the mall is dead and start the assembly process. Once the machine is assembled and erected we will fit it with the cpu and the TV. Then we will connect the system to the internet. The machine will talk to the server and ask for all the advertisements its assigned. This process will take close to 4 hours… we will be back in our hotel and will be monitoring the whole process through our laptop. In case of any system failure we will try to fix it remotely or will move into the mall with our redundant backup machine and replace it.

9:00 am (next day, yet to happen)

System is live and exposed to the public for utilization. I will be there to invite people and help them in accessing and using our kiosk.

...I have been so busy with launch I did not get a chance to send this to you earlier.