Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sam Santhosh

"The US economy is definitely in a problem. Of a fundamental nature. However, that should not be as worrying for the IT industry as it is made out to be. Because the way we deliver IT services will become all the more relevant now."

S. Sam Santhosh, Managing Director & CEO, California Software Company Ltd
February 7, over lunch


Murali said...

About Sam...

Mr. S. (Sam) Santhosh is Managing Director & CEO of California Software Company Ltd. (Calsoft).
Mr. Santhosh founded Calsoft in 1992 with the vision to deliver value-added solutions to U.S customers. He established strong relationship with Chemoil Corporation (a San Francisco based global oil conglomerate) who later went beyond being a customer to become a joint venture partner. The relationship with Chemoil helped Calsoft to gain a good insight into Fuel Oil Bunkering Industry and enabled the company to build several unique solutions for the industry.

He has an MBA from IIM Calcutta, with an emphasis in Management Information Systems, and a degree in Engineering.

Sam’s technology vision saw him creating a new range of products in the CAD viewer market. In 1995, he leads a young team visualize, develop and market Dr.DWG suite of products and redefined the entire CAD Viewer market in the U.S. Having gained a good expertise in product development and sensing a market opportunity for software product development services, Sam focused on technology companies. The next few years saw Calsoft emerging as a leading player in the technology arena in the Silicon Valley. Products were developed for several companies including HP, Nortel Networks, Sony, and Affymetrix. In 1999, to reduce dependence in the U.S market, Sam set up offices for Calsoft in U.K, Japan and Singapore. Along with the Technology downturn in 2000-01, Sam restructured the company placing more focus on offshore development. During the next two years, Sam set up the Commodities Division to address the larger market beyond the fuel-oil industry. The following year an exclusive Division to address the needs of the enterprise market was set-up in alignment with Microsoft Business Solutions.
About company...

Facts at a Glance
Who we are - A global software solutions company.
Leader in outsourced product development
Founded - 1992
Headquarters - Chennai, India
Offices - Alameda & Pleasanton (CA), Bangalore,
Boston (MA), Chennai, Cochin, Dubai, London, Mysore,
Omaha (NE), Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong &
Employees - 950
Process - Certified at CMMi level 5
Stock symbol - Calsoft is listed in India at NSE
(cali.ns) and BSE (
Vision - Generate enduring value to all our stakeholders:
customers, employees, partners or investors through fair &
transparent and ethical practices
Adfactors PR Pvt Ltd
204, Prince Centre, 709~710 Pattari Road
Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 006
Tel: +91 44 4261 0003
Mobile: +91 94440-36340

Murali said...

Questions for the e-mail interview...
0) On the exciting things happening in Calsoft, in India and in the US, and elsewhere! (on acquistions etc.)
1) Where do you see the future growth coming from?
2) How do you motivate your people? Is it tougher than it used to be in the 1990s when you started the company?
3) Is innovation a priority area in Calsoft? Can you name the areas of innovation? How is creativity encouraged in your staff?
4) Your observations on the impact of the US economy concerns on the industry.
5) Does Indian IT industry have to address a few important issues urgently - so that the growth is sustainable?
6) On the most pressing demands of the IT industry that need to be attended to by the Budget.
7) You hail from Kerala. Do you see that the potential of the state to grow in IT can be leveraged in more effective ways than now? If so, what are the hurdles that such an effort has to overcome?
8) Your views on the gaps in current education, in India?
9) What, according to you, are the pluses and minuses of the young that enter the IT industry?
10) Any other points of interest.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Murali,

Mr.Sam has started blogging at Sam's World, which will provide more information about him.