Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rane S. Murali

"The link with the alma mater never disappears in the hearts of the past pupils, though it may lie dormant for decades. Reviving the link in the form of a reunion, as we recently did in St. Bede's, brings with it the immeasurable joy of connecting back with the institution, and acts as a powerful morale booster for the teachers. But the act of holding a reunion requires single-minded commitment, a lot of passion, and dogged perseverance."

Rane S. Murali, the force behind

February 7, 11 am, over coffee


Murali said...

From Fr Rector's message

"We are very grateful and indebted to Mr. Murali (1981 batch) who has worked a miracle through the website which he has personally worked on and he has used other persuasive methods to get in touch with so many of our past pupils. Thanks to Murali we are able to keep in touch with so many Old Bedeans all over the world.

Dear Past Pupils, Old Bedeans, we need your help and we are waiting to see you on the 26th of January 2008.

With warm regards,

Fr. Joe Andrew sdb
Rector and Correspondent of St. Bede’s"


Murali said...


LKG (1966) to Std XII – 1981

Stafford said...

Mr. Murali has been a tireless worker who has always wanted to work behind the scenes. He has been simple, persevering and understanding. He is a very respectable person,interacts well with all age groups, an excellent coordinator of the main centenary committee and very true to our Alma Mater - St. Bedes.

I am happy to be a small part of his team and have the opportunity to work with him.

I am also happy that he has been given a fitting honor for his hard work.

Stafford Mantel
Coordinator, Souvenir Committee,
St. Bede's Centenary Committee.

Anonymous said...

Wishing Murali all the very best in his efforts to bring all his past & present pupils of St.Bede's together.

Jayaraj Ajri
A Friend

KaviBala CAFE said...

He is our Family Friend, Very respectable person and his helping nature will admire everyone.Very straight Forward, Honesty and fearless.

Murali Sir, My Wishes to you,

Thiis is Sundar(Kodaikanal) From Oracle India -Bangalore -