Monday, March 3, 2008

Mihir Mohan

"The time for RFID has come. We see good growth coming in automotive, logistics and retail. In retail, RFID adoption will be driven by the consumer through developments in mobile payments, loyalty cards, and PBS (Presence-Based Services)."

Mihir Mohan, Director, Technology, N-NET Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore (

March 3, over lunch.

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Murali said...

About Mihir...

Mihir Mohan is the Founder and Director, N-NET Technologies, an entrepreneurial venture and a pioneer in providing solutions in the RFID space.
A graduate from IIT Kanpur, he spearheaded the RFID venture of BEA India.
A business plan for evangelizing RFID in the Indian market, which saw the team winining the Megabucks Contest in 2006, has now materialized into a well-established venture in the RFID space, under the able executive abilities of Mihir Mohan.
Anitha Krishnan
Business Development Manager
N-NET Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Bangalore, Karnataka
+91 80 4142 5023 (O) | +91 97 3914 3676 (M) |