Friday, February 1, 2008

Laxminarayan PS

"When an organisation outsources its housekeeping tasks, costs can come down by 10 to 20 per cent, even as quality of cleaning standard can almost double, from the usual 50 per cent. Also, adherence to safety measures may not be full-fledged with the direct employees, whereas an outsourced agency can ensure a total adherence to safety norms, which can be duly audited by the client organisation."

Laxminarayan PS, CEO, Metro Master (
February 1, over lunch

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Murali said...

About the company...

METRO MASTER is a Chennai based service organization, yet another brainchild of Mr. Laxminarayan. PS, who is well experienced in Outsourcing, Facility management and cleansing Industry. His first company is Care Quartz Service Providers Pvt. Ltd. Specializing in premises cleaning and maintenance. Metro Master's core strength in this business is to provide Facility Management, Human Resources Outsourcing & Housekeeping, Managing and Maintenance Services from large to small level of customers in this country.

We have been the preferred specialist cleaning company by organizations who pose for JCIA & ISO Certification
British Cleaning regulation
Infectious Cleaning Procedures
Equipment Knowledge
Safety Awareness