Monday, February 11, 2008

David Leeper

"Small 'c' coaching is about upskilling, changing behaviours and so on. But big 'C' coaching is about creating transformations in the performance of the individuals and therefore of organisations. The former is transactional coaching, and the latter, transformational."

David Leeper, Founder, DL Associates Ltd, UK (

February 15, 2.30 pm

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Murali said...

About the company...

DL ASSOCIATES - BackgroundEstablished in 1997 to provide coaching, training and consultancy services.Dedicated to creating strategic client partnerships which deliver value and results.Committed to attracting senior associates who are highly experienced, well qualified and innovative to support our clients.Utilising the latest technologies of human and organisational performance.Developing a global reach with a multicultural focus to leverage potential.Values driven from day one.
The team has worked with many companies including:India: Vertex (BPO); PepsiCo International; Ma Foi Management Consultants; Asianic Psychologists. Also CEO assignments for blue chip clients.Europe: Amadeus Technology Solutions (Europe, Middle East, Africa);Bosch; Croatia Telecoms (H.T.); Iskon Internet Services (Croatia); Medair (Switzerland, Uganda); Sunterra; Hilton Hotels (Europe, Middle East, Africa); UK specific: CarPhone Warehouse Telecoms; 3M; Yell Group; Nokia Networks; Kuwait Petroleum; Sun Banking Corp; Norwich Union; CPI; Rexam Plc;Virgin Airlines; 3663; Zurich;