Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Barnabus Tiburtius

Meeting on February 20, 1.30 pm (?)

Barnabus Tiburtius, Author of 'Verses of Inner Space'

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Murali said...

About “Verses from Inner space”

“Verses from Inner space is a book of poems that has been penned in lucid language out of deep experience. The book is organized with a visual and context contents so that the reader can easily relate to the experience of the author. The book is divided into four sections: Inner Journey, A Journey of Dedications, Nature and Global Journey.

Inner Journey and A journey of dedication are based on observations and life experiences of the author as part of his understanding of his own life and people around him. There is also out pouring of thought as a result of his seeking deeper meaning to life observation. The connectivity amongst different sensory information can also be seen in the poems. The various hues of literary brush strokes combine to provide a highly aesthetic object of art, where one can see a specific dimension akin to one’s taste. There are verses inspired by philosophical enquiry, observation of art and sensitivities brought to the surface by books read. Close friendship and family relations have also inspired some of the poems in the journey of Dedication section.

Nature Journey section deals with the author’s intimate observation of events that unfold around him in his natural surroundings. The monsoon in India, autumn colours in Europe, mountains and valleys, flock of birds in the sky, rock formations, a lone Baobab tree against the setting sun and the Leonid shower have all inspired the verses in this section.

As the author had traveled extensively during his work and holiday, his experiences of places and people and their significance is brought out in poetry in the Global Journey section. The quiet ruins of Tintern Abbey, castles of North Wales, River Dart originating in the moors of Devon, the surreal ambience of the Hoysala Temples of Karnataka in South India, historical reminiscence of events in Venice and many more locales have spurred the verses in the section. The book ends with a set of short verses bordering on the limerick on the infamous shores on Devonshire where smuggling was rampant in the past.

Author profile:

Born in 1942 in Thiruchirappalli, India, Barnabas Tiburtius studied Latin, Mathematics and Science. He also took a course in French and Advance English. He then graduated from Madras University in Electrical Engineering specializing in Electronics and Control systems.

He worked for thirty six years in the field of Process & Industrial Control. He was instrumental in introducing Gate Array LSI technology in Industrial Alarm monitoring in Thermal and Nuclear power stations and pioneering import substitution in oil field pump head automation. He also pioneered the introduction of Intrinsic safety in a major way in Petro-Chemical process in India. He was awarded the ‘Indira Gandhi Piriyadarshini Award - 1993’ for technical contribution by the then Speaker of Lok Sabha, Mr. Shivraj Patil. He had held the position of Group Board Director of a multi-national company in the UK from 1996 to 1999 before being appointed ‘President - Asia-Pacific’ until his retirement in 2002.

He has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and USA. Throughout his life, he is involved in multi-discipline learning and his field of enquiry covers Cosmology, Sustainable Technology, Strategic Leadership, Philosophy and Spirituality. He has authored many papers and articles. He is good communicator and systemic thinker and has delivered many keynote addresses, endowment lectures and empowering talks.

In 2002, he started a second career in writing and Social Entrepreneurship. He is currently the Managing Trustee of AMITA FOUNDATION, a public charitable Trust for education of socially challenged children and Chairman of ANISHA MICROFIN ASSOCIATION, a Microfinance organization dedicated to poverty alleviation of poor, rural and urban, women. He is the mentor of a web initiative called ‘SPARK’ for empowerment into spiritual thinking beyond narrow boundaries of religion.

He can be contacted at: He lives with his wife Magi in Chennai, India.

All the proceeds of the sale of his publications or remuneration as a resource person go to the Corpus fund of AMITA FOUNDATION.
Aarthi Jayaram
Senior Image Executive,
Perfect Relations,