Monday, March 10, 2008

Alok Singh

"Desktops are dead. They fit actually nowhere. Neither they are mobile, nor efficient, be it about power or otherwise. The world is going to be connected with devices like that of Novatium, or the laptops, which have a value-add. And recent data bear out the point: the sales of desktops have dropped, even as laptop sales have tripled, over the last about three years."

Alok Singh, CEO, Novatium Solutions

March 10, 4 pm


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About Alok...

His career spans 15 years of accomplished experience in service marketing and service delivery, solutions designing, marketing, manufacturing & consulting. He brings in experience of two successful start-ups. Prior to current role he served as CEO of Cummins Auto Services Ltd for five years and is credited with building this business from scratch. His previous stints also include Satyam Computer Services Limited, Tata Cummins Limited, Tata Motors. As CEO, Novatium Solutions, Alok brings a wealth of management expertise, coupled with the innate ability to see start-ups through the heady days of their nascence.


About the company...

Novatium Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a young IT Products Company, which builds an affordable and simple computing platform to provide comprehensive computing solutions. Novatium has a vision to provide computing for the next billion. The company--reflects the confluence of their vision for India's computing future.

Novatium’s core strength lies in their management team which has a pool of expertise centered around competency areas like product development, solutions, sales and marketing. Novatium has top-of-the-line expertise in core computing environments like Linux development, hardware platform, media processing, product testing, research in networking and audio/video technology, network administration, Linux/Windows system administration, Linux internals, programming and X windows.


Novatium’s NetPC is a streamlined technology with lower price which is based on inexpensive cell-phone chips and come without the hard-disk drive, extensive memory and prepackaged software that add hundreds of dollars to the cost of regular PCs. Instead, they are little more than a keyboard, a screen and a couple of USB ports—and use a central network server to run software applications and store data. Novatium already sells the Nova NetPC home user package for only Rs 4,999 in addition to a monthly subscription starting at Rs 450, including a 30 hour Internet access—just within reach of India's growing middle class.

NetPC is open to all and unlike most thin clients, Novatium's devices work with any network server without requiring major modifications, whether it uses proprietary software from Microsoft or Sun, or free software from an open-source company like Linux. Microsoft is participating in the Chennai pilot program because Novatium's subscription-based payment system could generate profit in markets where most users run pirated versions of Microsoft products. Network server giant Sun Microsystems—whose slogan has long been "The network is the computer"—has already inked a deal to market the NetPC to enterprises and schools in India beginning this year.

Novatium Solution Pvt. Ltd. approach has been to completely redesign the computer, slashing costs while keeping the form and functions typical of a top-end PC. Once it's set up, it doesn't look all that different from a conventional PC—the basic box plus a keyboard and monitor.


Novatium Net TV is another product that has been developed over Nova Net PC. This product not only has the ability of a Nova Net PC but also has ability of an IP Set-top-box like Video on Demand, IPTV and VoIP over a TV. It also provides computing ability on a TV screen. This product costs only $20 more at $120.

Net TV is easy to use –Simple interface, plug and play device. No local application in the device increases manageability. It consumes just 5.5 watts of power in comparison to thin client CPUs which use 25 – 40 watts of power. Net TV uses a completely new hardware design enabling lower cost of acquisition. It supports computing over TV display and supports streaming video on full DVI – including unicast and multicast.
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