Friday, January 18, 2008

Vivek Anand

"With a dose of self-discipline in managing our lifestyle we can shift our focus towards preventive healthcare, from the commonly-adopted reactive measures in response to health crises. The prescription is simple: move everyday, eat right, manage stress, sleep well."

Vivek Anand, MD, FitnessOne
January 20, over lunch


Murali said...

About Vivek...

Mr. Vivekanand, Managing Director, FitnessOne
A pilot in the US for over 17years, Vivekanand always knew the importance of fitness. He decided to return to his motherland and open a chain of gyms here. Once the decision was made, the research began. Five years of planning and FitnessOne India was set up with a single gym in Alwarpet in 2004. That was just the beginning. This person, Vivekanand, never rests. In fact, he is restless. He needs speed and he needs it now. His soft and quiet knowledge have inspired many, because this man is all about changing the face of fitness in India.
In the three years that FitnessOne India has been around, it has set up several divisions - company owned gyms (FitnessOne and PINK), franchises (FitnessOne and PINK), education (Academy of Fitness Management), FPO (Fitness Porcess Outsourcing for corporates), FitnessOne Factory, fitness@home and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
His quiet conviction and the vast knowledge ready and available on his fingertips show us the passion he has for F1. Every waking moment of his is spent to make ours a better company, even if it means he has to sacrifice on his sleep. For those who do not know, Vivekanand sleeps only five hours a day. Late at night, when the rest of the world sleeps, he is busy planning the future of FitnessOne. Diaries are filled with detailed plans in his small squiggly handwriting, which, by the way, he is quite shy of showing.
Anand, as we all know him recognizes dedication and is always working to give his employees the best deal they can find in any industry, for their kind of qualifications and areas of expertise. "Without people, no company can survive!" he is often heard saying. "Our people are our pride."

Ameeta Agnihotri,
Director Communications,
Phone: 044-24997820.
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Murali said...


FitnessOne also established a concept branded 'Fitness@Home' targeting households who would be happy to establish a private fitness center in their own homes or for those who cannot or will not (due to their own individual views) go outside their homes to work out. Besides, they will support such homes with personal fitness trainers and nutrition specialists, apart from maintaining and running them. Besides, FitnessOne has also established importing foreign brands of fitness equipment and marketing them in India, besides their own brand which is also being marketed.

In a short span of 3 years, FitnessOne has grown to achieve a turnover of Rs. 80 crores with staff numbering about 500 as on date.

Mr Vivek Anand was today honored by TiECon jointly with CII for the fastest growing startup in the SME category and decorated by the Chief Minister in Chennai.
Ve Ve Prabhu
Accolade PR