Saturday, September 4, 2010

Victor Louis Anthuvan

"Social orientation to business education is a priority. We need to bring this into the curriculum, and also expose the students to the social environment of business. At LIBA, we are planning to take the students to some of the most backward villages for exposure and education."

Dr Victor Louis Anthuvan, professor of finance, LIBA
January 18, over lunch

MCCI-Panel discussion on inflation 
Panel discussion on the socio-economic dimensions of inflation, Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Raintree, Anna Salai),

September 4, 2010, 9 am


Murali said...



LIBA one of the premier ‘B’ schools of the country has become a partner of a joint research programme on the role of cluster model of small and medium enterprises in India, Italy and Brazil. Rev. Fr. Christie, the director, had signed an MoU with the University of Milano, Italy, a few months back.

LIBA and the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan have decided to launch an international research programme in 2008-09. Dr.M. Victor Louis Anthuvan, research coordinator of LIBA, was invited to participate in a workshop on ‘The clusters of Small and Medium Enterprises and Economic Development: linking competition and Cooperation in a Globalized World’, at the Universita Cattolica of Milano. The workshop was organised by ALTIS – a Post Graduate Institute of Business and Society of University of Milano.

ALTIS is an international research and educational centre for studies on entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability. It main areas of interest are: globalisation of corporations, corporate social responsibility, partnership between private companies, non-profit organisations and the public sector; management of non-profit organisations; management of small and medium enterprises and clusters of SMEs. ALTIS addresses Italian, European and International business issues with special attention to India, China, Latin, America, Africa and the Mediterranian region.

ALTIS undertakes the following programmes in addition to its Masters programme: executive education and basic and applied research, and regular publications.

Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai was invited to become a partner in the international research programme on ‘Clusters of Small and Medium Enterprises and Economic Development’.

The first workshop on the above topic was held in the first week of December, 2007, at ALTIS, Milan, Italy.

Prof. M. Victor Louis Anthuvan, LIBA, was invited to take part in the international workshop. He made a presentation on the role, significance, contribution, strengths of the small and medium enterprises in India and the challenges faced by them in the context of globalization. It ignited an enlightened debate and it was well received and appreciated by the participants. Many questions were raised on the issues and challenges faced by the SMEs in India.

At the end of the workshop, it was decided to launch the international research in India, Italy and Brazil. China and Ugenda are also expected to join later. The research programme will cover the following areas:

1. Different forms of clusters and net works of SEMs in the countries mentioned above.

2. Models of cooperation among SMEs aimed to face global competition.

3. Financing the development of small and medium enterprises.

4. The role of banks, cooperative banks in the development of clusters.

5. The role of microfinance in the development of entrepreneurship.

The research also aims at the following

1. Investigation of conditions under which SMEs may survive and compete successfully in the gloablised context.

2. Consideration of the legal, political and economic factors, which constitute the environmental framework with in which the SMEs operate.

3. Study of organisational approaches to clustering and networking in different industries and countries.

4. Enquiry into the managerial capabilities to faster managerial competencies and competitive efforts at micro and macro levels.

A special focus will be on financial and economic literacy of firms as well as the ways though which improvements may be achieved.

Prof. Fabio Antoldi, professor of strategic management, ALTIS, MILANO, was the organiser of the workshop and he will continue to be the coordinator of the research programme.

Murali said...

About Victor...

Possesses over 35 years of experience in teaching. Held senior positions at various academic capacities and has been a voracious researcher throughout his career. He has published over 70 research papers in several national and international journals and delivered keynote addresses at more than 100 conferences and seminars. He has also published books focussing on issues pertaining to Globalisation. He has guided many PhD students under then Bharathidasan University. Dr. Anthuvan handles Finance verticals and is also the Chairperson of the PhD programme at LIBA.