Friday, February 1, 2008

Deepak Raja

"People ask me if the market has fallen enough. To them, I say, based on my analysis of 40 years of stock market behaviour that the fall will generally be 25 to 30 per cent before it rises again. But you can't predict how long that bottom will be before a clear pick-up comes again. Let's not forget what happened post 1993, when we had a long period during which the market didn't pick up at all. Peak to peak, trough to trough should be roughly 48 to 50 months. A simple log-linear trendline on the index can easily tell you what the probabilities are of the indices moving upwards or downwards at any particular time."

Author of 'Hindustani Music: A Tradition in Transition' and the developer of India's first practical mathematical model for IPO valuation

February 8, 6 pm

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Murali said...

About Deepak...

Graduate of Delhi University, IIM-Ahmedabad, and Watford College of Technology, UK.
Profession: Market Ananlyst, Media Analyst, Financial Analyst, Musicologist.
Career: Served as Media Planning and research chief for India's leading advertising agencies.
Occupied important positions in the media industry. E.g. Editor, Business India, Secretary General, Indian Newspaper Society.
Repertoire Analyst for India Archive Music Ltd., New York, the most influential producer of Hindustani music outside India.
Pioneering work: Developed India's first practical mathematical model for IPO valuation -- for Dept. of Public Undertakings/ Finance Ministry, Government of India for benchmarking the first phase of PSU disinvestment, 1991-92. Developed India's first functioning mathematical model for corporate insolvency prediction in the manufacturing sector.
Authorship: Published first book on music in 2005. Second book expected 2008. Third book in progress. Running a blog on Hindustani classical music: .

This should be sufficient ... I fear more than "brief". But, at 60, a rolling stone cannot write a "brief" bio-data. And, who knows! I may not have called it a day yet.