Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We mentor, rather than manage

"Everything at Synygy is based on the mentoring philosophy. We try not to manage people. We believe in people. That's we mentor, rather than manage."

Scott Cawood, Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources, Synygy, Pune

December 4, over phone


Murali said...

About the company...

Founded in 1991 by Mark A. Stiffler, Synygy has over a decade of experience helping companies turn performance management into a source of strategic advantage.

With nearly 500 employees, Synygy is the largest provider of software services for creating performance driven organizations. Synygy has successfully implemented various performance management plans for companies like Pfizer, Siemens, GE Lighting, Saxon Capital and HP.

Based in suburban Philadelphia, with operations in Phoenix, Romania, and India, Synygy was recently named to the Philadelphia 100 for a record ninth time in a row. Inc. 500 Hall of Fame—inducted following inclusion on the Inc. magazine list of fastest growing, privately held companies in the US for five consecutive years.

The Synygy Performance Management Model

To become a performance-driven organization and effectively execute strategy, companies must utilize these five components:

• ALIGN the objectives and resources of the organization

• CASCADE objectives down into the workforce

• REWARD individuals for performance

• UNDERSTAND organization and individual performance

• OPTIMIZE strategy execution using models and analytics

Synygy Solutions

Synygy Solutions give clients the flexibility and power to manage complexity, and an accelerating pace of change by helping them increase revenues, improve margins, lower administrative and IT costs, reduce errors and overpayments and decrease employee turnover. Synygy provides an array of solutions for:

• Enterprise Incentive Management

• Quotas Management

• Objectives Management

• Sales Territory Management

• Workforce Performance Management

• Referrals Management

• Data Analysis and Management

Benefits of a Synygy Solution

Synygy’s award-winning solutions have been proven by an independent study to pay for themselves in eight to nine months.

Our solutions are designed to handle any variable accounting challenge in any part of the enterprise where rules are used to determine payments, credits, or rewards linked to the performance of individuals, teams, and corporations.

Synygy Solutions have been in continuous development since 1991 at a cost of more than $35 million.

Synygy Solutions are 100% web-based and built on the J2EE platform, which delivers ease of use and a pleasing graphical user interface.

Over the past 12 years, Synygy’s software and services have been refined and improved through the experience that comes only from implementing thousands of performance management plans for hundreds of clients. We continue to improve on the software features though regular releases and easily installed upgrades. Synygy also uses industry-leading testing tools to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of service.

Exceptional Services

In addition to the most widely used software available, Synygy also provides unmatched services to help you effectively execute your corporate strategy:

• software implementation – Synygy Solutions allow the implementation process to be enhanced over time

• software hosting – Synygy Solutions can be hosted locally at your site or at our own data center

• plan management – services to help you get the most out of your investment in a Synygy Solution

• software support – Synygy provides you with a dedicated client support team of specialists (rather than a help desk), who have expertise in the technical aspects of configuring Synygy software

• software upgrades – upgrades are released generally every month and are included in your ongoing service fee

• consulting and analytics – to help you enhance the effectiveness of your plans, Synygy provides consulting and analytical services

• training – Synygy offers a comprehensive set of performance-oriented, role-based training courses covering all of our incentive compensation and performance management solutions

This is why the Ventana Research Group has stated, “Synygy’s new software can adopt and deploy at varying levels of organizational Performance Management maturity and with just about any type of performance management evaluation.

Murali said...

About Scott...

Scott Cawood assumed the position of Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources at Synygy in 2006. He is responsible for the company’s global human resources strategy, systems, and processes.

A frequent speaker on the topic of how to turn a company's culture into a competitive advantage, Mr. Cawood is co-author of Destination Profit: Creating People-Profit Opportunities in Your Organization, an examination of companies that are leading the way in creating great

organizations where people want to work.

Mr. Cawood holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Organization Behavior from Kennedy Western University and an MA in University Administration, Labor, and Industrial Relations Cognate and a BA in Communication from Michigan State University.