Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ram Kumar

"We have been very daring. And very innovative!"

Ram Kumar, Executive Director, Gemini Communication Ltd

December 6, over lunch


Murali said...


Ram Kumar is the Executive Director of Gemini Communication Ltd. Ram, an Engineer in Computer Science with a Post Graduate degree in Marketing Management, has spent 16 years in the industry & is well connected. He is also the Founding Director of the 12 year old Gemini Communication Ltd., a company well known in the Network Integration market space in India. He is the architect of the company's expansion plans and was instrumental in successfully establish business operations across the country. He has extensive knowledge in Channel Development & International business and has incubated 2 other product design companies.

Murali said...

About the company...
Gemini Communication Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Gemini Communication Ltd. (Gemini), an innovative networking company offers the best of breed solutions in technology and services. Established in 1995, Gemini over the past 13 years has been innovatively delivering complex turnkey solutions in IP Convergence of Data, Voice & Video, Network Security, Network Storage, Network Management & Trouble shooting, Technical Support Services, IT Outsourcing Services, Outdoor Wireless solutions for Telco's enterprises & residential colonies, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIMS) and RadioFrequency Identification (RFID) Solutions.

Gemini has provided IT solutions to a wide spectrum of industries spanning from Banking, Insurance, Stock exchange, Pharmaceuticals, Trading distribution, Manufacturing & Processing, and Retailing to Telecommunication and Transportation.

Strategic Business Units

Gemini believes in revolutionizing products, services and building the intellectual property asset base through innovative and flexible solutions. The business at Gemini is organized in 5 Strategic Business Units- the Enterprise Convergence Group, FourS Group, Technology Services, Wireless & Telecom and RFID.

Management Team and ‘Intrapreneurs’

Driven by a professional and dynamic management ream, Gemini was founded by first generation entrepreneurs. R Vijay Kumar is the Chairman & Managing Director, B Sree Krishna and R Ram Kumar are Executive Directors. B. Srinivasan, CEO is at the helm of Gemini’s affairs.

Gemini employs over 1000 personnel in 90 locations across the country and provides inter-group mobility for optimal utilization of employees’ expertise. It also has international offices in Sharjah UAE, Singapore and US.

Gemini prides itself in having created 20 odd entrepreneurs (Intrapreneurs) within the organization. The term 'Intrapreneur' is used often within Gemini to denote a business-man like responsibility, the company hands over to a deserving employee, giving him all the authority & independence to grow that aspect of the business that he has been told to handle, thus enabling Gemini to grow with a people oriented vision.

Client List

Gemini has over the past 13 years been rapidly expanding its client base. Some of the clients of Gemini include leading Telecom companies like Airtel, Idea Cellular, Reliance Telecom, VSNL, MTNL and BSNL.

Recently, Gemini undertook a path breaking initiative for the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board- Billing for Energy Services (BEST) a computerized accounting & billing service, interconnecting various districts of Tamil Nadu through a private network.

Financial Performance

Gemini clocked a turnover of Rs. 160 crores in FY 06-07. Gemini Communication Ltd. is listed on the NSE and has been consistently paying dividends for the last eight years.