Friday, December 21, 2007

Raj Narain and Venu Gopal Nair

"Advertising started off as a bundled service. Then happened unbundling, over the last about 10-15 years. The new order is going to be re-bundling, but not with the same components. The client is going to ask agencies to create the right ambience for the brand, generate enquiries, ensure conversions, and retain so as to increase the lifetime value of the customer, all within a framework of metrics."
Raj Narain and Venu Gopal Nair, Co Founders – Brand Portrait
December 24, over lunch


Murali said...

About Raj...

Raj kick started the operations at Brand Portrait with a vision to give its clients the value they were seeking from their agencies. Started his career in FMCG sales in 1987, as a rookie salesman, Raj learnt the art of innovative selling. After a brief stint at a small advertising agency, his big break came when he was selected to join The Times of India group, at Bangalore where he spent the next seven years of his working life. At The Times of India, Raj started as an entry level executive and had the unique distinction of being promoted every year. His phenomenal work & dedication helped him to be the youngest Manager, at the time. Along the way, Raj was also awarded the ‘Best Manager’ in 1994 for growing the business by over a 100% in a single year.

He later joined Fountainhead Communications as an Account Group Manager and continuously rose to become the business head in Chennai. During this time, clients like Dishnet DSL, Aircel and Nutrine aligned more business with the agency helping it grow by a phenomenal 150%. Raj’s category knowledge spans shampoos and soaps to beauty products in the FMCG sector, high-end software, ISPs in the broadband business and consumer durables like furniture and pumps.

About Brand Portrait Raj says, “My past experience of actual selling combined with the soft skills of branding and strategy implementation will help me derive genuinely workable solutions for clients at Brand Portrait”.

Raj is the primary driver of Brand Portrait and the agency’s foray into the digital space with Brand Portrait Digital. Here the company adopts a unique model where it analysis of what will elicit a response and provoke action, this is because they charge their clients only for results and not mere visibility.

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