Friday, December 7, 2007

Pratish Devadoss

"Top trends of the real estate sector, as I see them, are:
1) It is becoming increasingly organised, with more institutional funding.
2) Consumers' expectations are pushing suppliers to the limits (in terms of delivering better quality, and in time).
3) Government's policies and support are driving the development of infrastructure in Tier II cities and the suburbs.
4) The young (aged 26-39) are looking at real estate as a long-term investment destination, given the rise in income levels. "

Pratish Devadoss, Director, VGN

December 7, over lunch
: Pratish Devadoss
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Murali said...

About Pratish...

Pratish Devadoss, Director, VGN belongs to the new set of entrepreneurs who are ambitious and enterprising. Having obtained an MBA degree from Cardiff University, UK, it has given him a varied exposure and training in the various international environments and has helped him in giving the entire functioning of VGN a new look.

He has been successful in bringing about change in the structure of the organization infusing both the traditional and the modern and in giving the organization a more focused and professional looks. Pratish and his team of efficient workers have also been instrumental in taking forward the organization ahead on the values and principles that it was started on.

With Pratish making a foray into the real estate industry he brought along with him a sea of changes. He was solely responsible for roping up Mandira Bedi as their Brand Ambassador for VGN. The company mainly deals with promoting layouts and has now made a foray into integrated townships and luxury apartments. Pratish has been instrumental in expanding the company’s services into online marketing with it’s partnership with Tribal DDB to promote property online for its vast clientele.

Under the leadership of Pratish, VGN aims to create a mark for itself offering the best and unique services in the industry to their clients.

VGN, a 65-year old company, has now become a name to reckon with in the real estate industry. A firm built on integrity and vision the company has a set of dynamic leaders to ensure that the firm surges forward on its path to success.

Murali said...

About VGN...

VGN Enterprises incorporated in 1942, has become synonymous as an organization that has not compromised on quality and efficiency thereby earning the loyalty of a huge customer base across the country and internationally.

Sakthi Prasanna
Hanmer & Partners Communications Pvt Ltd
Old No: 121/12, New No: 275,
Near Studio Cell, TTK Road,
Chennai - 600 018.
Mob: 98842 77251

VGN Enterprise is a 65 year old real estate company that over the decades has built a strong heritage of expertise and trust. While VGN’s past experience in layout promotion, is legendary they entered into the more demanding residential and integrated township development in 2003 with a commitment to bring international quality living standards to India in a big way.

VGN Enterprises has handled many prestigious projects in and around Chennai and the projects completed to date stand testimony to its success. Mr. Devados, Managing Director and Mr. Pratish, Director of the company are the architects who have been instrumental in carving out the success story of VGN Enterprises.

VGN Enterprises have successfully completed 40 layout projects which add up to a total amount of area of over, 15 Million sq.ft. The company has plans to promote 15 more layout projects with, 2 Million sq.ft. & five residential projects with over 4000 residential units in the next 18 months. VGN is here to help people to realize their dreams by providing world class living standards whether it’s a built up space or a layout.

To stay ahead of the competition and provide international living standards while continuously exceeding customer expectations VGN is committed to providing exceptional service and value additions in their projects. VGN has infused a strong belief to maintain higher standards and transparency right from the choice of designs, materials, construction techniques and management principles. This guiding spirit is echoed by the young and dynamic director of the company – Mr. Pratish.

VGN‘s brand loyalty and commitment has ensured that the land deals so far undertaken by the company are free from any legal issue, which has enhanced their customers loyalty towards the company.

The company has capitalized on the increasing need for contemporary and comfortable residential space, with world class amenities and features. VGN has ensured that technology in design, planning and execution would guide them to greater heights in the future years.