Saturday, December 22, 2007


"We believe in providing security to users in a simple manner. Which is why K7 Computing declares, 'Safe, secure, simple.'"

J. Kesavardhanan, Founder and CEO/CTO, K7 Computing, Chennai

December 23, over lunch


Murali said...

About K7

K7 Computing is an information security solutions company that protects individuals and organizations from IT threats like viruses, malware, spyware and hacker attacks. Our vision is to make Computing Safe and Secure while keeping it Simple.

Over the last fifteen years, our software products have been protecting desktop and corporate users from security threats. Today, K7’s products are installed on more than 3.0 Million systems around the world.
Founded in 1991 by Jayaraman Kesavardhanan, we are headquartered in Chennai, with development and technical support centers in Chennai, India. K7 Computing has a sophisticated *Threat Control and Prevention Lab* that monitors and identifies threats on a daily basis and updates our products everyday.
K7's anti-virus is one of India's most successful "shrink-wrapped software product" with a total installed user base of more than 3.0 Million and growing at CAGR of 40% over the last three years.

Murali said...

Questions... for an e-mail interview

0) First, a fact-sheet about the company, its history, employees, turnover, growth.
1) What was the trigger for your focus on software security?
2) Can you give an overview of the security software products market the world over, and in India?
3) How fast or slow has the software security market growth been in India, compared to elsewhere in the world?
4) What are the key factors that impede the growth of the security market in India? Do we need policy/law changes?
5) In what ways is your product different from that of the competitors? (2-3 customer quotes about the value they have derived from your products).
6) Are there clear metrics about the performance of security products to enable the user to measure the value created by the product?
7) As somebody who has seen the IT security scene over the years, what strike you as the important trends in the risks?
8) With news about cyber crime being common, what precautions do you advise users should adopt to be secure?
9) Your future plans in terms of growth, new products. Also, about IP.
10) What skills are the most relevant in your company's work? How far is our IT education meeting the requirements?
11) On the ideal revenue model for security products - outright purchase, subscription, insurance...
12) Any other points of interest...