Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Basant Rajan

"Our TechWiz program is like a frequent-flyer program for engineers."

Basant Rajan, CTO – Symantec India

December 13, 5 pm


Murali said...

Points for likely discussion

- The need for leadership teams to drive Innovation as the main agenda backed by vision with strategy for innovation to becoming the driving force of an organization

- Programs (TechWiz, Road to Cutting Edge) & Strategies (build, buy, partner) that Symantec has incorporated in its DNA to create an environment of open innovation within the company

- Market success Symantec has had over the years backed by the company's vision & strategy for innovation

Murali said...

Basant Rajan

Chief Technology Officer, India

Symantec Corporation

Basant Rajan is the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer, Symantec Corporation - India.

Prior to this role, Basant was Director Development for the Storage Foundations group. In this role, he monitored functional areas like spanning design, development, quality assurance, sustenance, escalations, performance and certification and he added a team of 350 people.

Basant has filed 12 patents in his name during his stint at Symantec and is the Coordinator of the Patents Filter Committee. He joined VERITAS Software (India) Pvt. Ltd. in Oct 1997 as a senior developer in the File Systems group.

Concurrently, he held the post of Visiting Member at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (T.I.F.R.), Bombay (until Feb 2006), working on research/technology projects.

He is a member of Fellow, Institute of Permanent Way Engineers, Malaysian Chapter. (1993).

Basant has many scholarships to his credit, some of them being the Commonwealth Scholarship (1993 - 1996) and Research Scholar, TIFR (1991 – 1997). He also holds a doctorate from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Bombay, India. He completed his thesis in Programming Languages: Specification & Design of Multiple-Clocked Systems. Basant has completed his B. Tech. in computer science College of Engineering Trivandrum, India in 1990.
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Murali said...


According to a recent Mckinsey Global Survey on ‘How Companies Approach Innovation’, while organizations believe that Innovation is key to a company’s strategy & performance, their approach to it is often informal, and leaders lack confidence in their innovation decisions. However, for a culture of innovation to be all-pervading within an organization, it is essential for the leadership team to drive this as the main agenda of the organization and only with the dedicated focus and direction of the leadership team, coupled with a strategic approach, can a culture of open innovation be embedded in an organization.

At Symantec, innovation runs through the core of the organization’s spirit led by Anil Chakravarthy. Combined by a sound innovation strategy (build, buy, partner) & unique employee initiatives (TechWiz, Road to Cutting Edge), Symantec has successfully developed and launched several innovations in the market which have significantly benefited the business of their customers and promoted a culture of open innovation within the organization.