Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Welcome the new-age creative communication!

"We do new-age creative communication! To transform, for instance, ad making by imbibing it with best practices from technology, movie-making, marketing..."

Harish Kumar, Creative Director, Hypnautyx Inc.

November 28, over lunch


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Murali said...

28 November 2007 16:20
Cc: Vinod
Great to have you at lunch today!
Here are a few questions for a possible e-mail interview...
Questions for Harish Kumar
0) First, a fact sheet of your business, its model. The future plans..
1) Success stories. (anecdotes)
2) What is ‘creativity’? How does it fit in the ‘new-age communication’ you talk about?
3) Is there a conflict between business and creativity, or more specifically, business sense and creativity? (right brain-left brain)
4) Where do you see new applications of creativity? (bio, annual meetings, loan etc)
5) Does Web 2.0 look like a boom? What are its pitfalls, and opportunities? (good content, bad marketing)
6) What talents are short in supply in the creative sphere you are in? (job scenario – excitement vs talent)
7) How healthy is funding of creative projects? (Post-production cluster? (like housing clusters) Industrialisation of creativity?)
8) What differences do you think should be in the mindset of a VC in your industry? Again, is it necessary also for the creative enterprises to start thinking differently?
9) Since you have worked in different forms of media communication, what are your insights? Powers that balance out… the need for integration..
10) How can business get more out of creativity? (how do they communicate their brief better – do we need bridges between the creative agency and business)
11) What is the secret to maintaining a balance…. In a creative’s life.
12) Do you think we need policies that promote creativity? (banks recognise this as industry)
13) Any other points of interest…