Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to be an entrepreneur

"Commitment is the single most important requirement of any wannabe entrepreneur."

George Samson, Executive Director, TiE, Chennai

November 27, over lunch


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Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 3:05 PM
Cc: vinod kumar ramani

Thanks Samson for taking time off to visit us!
Here are a few questions for Ramaraj, the president of TiE, Chennai:
1) About how TiE has made a difference to entrepreneurial activity in recent years.
2) What are the business plans that you have been seeing as winning propositions lately?
3) How comfortable is the funding position for wannabe entrepreneurs?
4) Do you see mentoring of young entrepreneurs as an important activity that TiE engages in?
5) Are established business houses encouraging entrepreneurship in their own way? (e.g. Arun, Pandiarajan...)
6) What is the future of entrepreneurship in Chennai, in particular, and in India, generally?
7) Is ‘exit’ a stage that entrepreneurs find difficult to decide upon? At times, missing the right opportunity at the right time?
8) Tie-ups of TiE with other institutions and how successful have they been.
9) Best practices from other TiE chapters that TiE in India is trying to adopt.
10) What policy and other changes (in education, for instance) do you think are necessary to promote entrepreneurial spirit among the youth?
11) Any other points of interest.