Friday, November 30, 2007

Big problems of small enterprises


A Roundtable on 'Liberalism and status of MSMEs (Micro, small and medium enterprises) - strategies for future'


1) Dr G. Sundaram, IAS (Retd), Former Secretary to the Govt of India, Chennai ('What are the top ten myths about Indian Civil Services?')
2) Dr Rene Klaff, Regional Director, South Asia, Fur Die Freiheit, New Delhi ('I am neither an economist nor a businessman')
3) Dr Swarna S. Vepa, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai ('Small business had to flee from Gujarat after disturbances!')
4) Dr U. Jayalakshmi Srikumar, Associate Dean, IBS, Chennai ('Nothing has changed...')
5) R. Venkatesan, Senior Fellow & Head Industry Programme, NCAER, New Delhi ('Is there a slowdown in Indian industry?')
6) Dr K. Venkataraman, IAS (Retd), Former MD, Investment & Technology Promotion, UNIDO
7) S. Viswanathan, Editor & Publisher, Industrial Economist, Chennai
8) Romar Correa, Director, Dept of Economics, University of Mumbai, Mumbai ('Can economics teaching be made interesting?')
9) K. Saraswathi, Director, Tanstia-FNF Service Centre, Chennai
10) Dr Madhuri Saripalle, AGM, Knowledge Management, TVS Logistics Services Ltd, Chennai ('Do you see knowledge as a logistics problem or vice versa?')
11) A. Shanmuga Velayuthan, IPL Products, Chennai
12) L. Meiyappan, Hon Treasurer, TANSTIA
13) B. Bhagwan Das, Dept of Economics, Loyola College, Chennai ('Teaching economics to non-economists is a challenge.')
14) Dr B. Yerram Raju, Director, Development & Research Services, Hyderabad ('The new law on SMEs is a Rule-bound one...')
15) A.V. Varadharajan, Chairman, Sandfits Foundries P Ltd, Coimbatore ('Fought for a convention centre in Coimbatore')

November 30, over lunch

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